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Anti-Aging Expert Harvey S. Bartnof, MD, to Speak at 12th Annual New Living Expo on April 28


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2013 -- Harvey S. Bartnof, MD, Founder and Medical Director at California Longevity & Vitality Medical Institute (R) in San Francisco, will be part of an anti aging panel at the 12th Annual New Living Expo in San Francisco on April 28. The event will be held at the San Francisco Concourse Exhibition Center at 8th and Brannan Sts.

During the event, the panel will discuss the topic “Longer Life with Longer Telomeres.” Since 2009, when the Nobel Prize was awarded to three researchers for their work on telomeres, the knowledge about this fascinating subject has continued to expand. Longer telomeres, or caps on the chromosomes that protect the genes, can lead to a longer and more healthy life, while shorter telomeres have been found to cause a shorter life and illnesses like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. A portion of the telomeres is lost every time a cell divides, and telomeres naturally become shorter as people age. At the New Living Expo, Dr. Bartnof will discuss ways that people can keep their telomeres longer; namely through an enzyme known as telomerase, which is not naturally found in human cells.

By measuring the length of the telomeres and the percentage of short telomeres that are present in a person’s body, it is actually possible to estimate his or her “biologic age,” which may be the same, older or younger than the person’s actual age. Interestingly, research has found that people who have suffered from depression for more than nine straight years had about 281 fewer “base pairs” than the control group. This difference is the equivalent to seven years of accelerated cell aging.

At the California Longevity & Vitality Medical Institute, Dr. Bartnof and the other health professionals can perform baseline testing on patients and provide an estimate of their biologic age. They are also able to prescribe an age management treatment called TA 65 that may help lengthen the telomeres.

“TA-65, an oral, natural supplement derivative that improves aspects of biologic aging in humans and mice, is now available at California Longevity and Vitality Medical Institute,” an article on the website noted, adding that TA-65 increases the amount of telomerase, which in turn increases the length of telomeres.

About Harvey S. Bartnof, MD
Harvey S. Bartnof, MD is Founder and Medical Director at California Longevity & Vitality Medical Institute (R) in San Francisco. He is a graduate of UC San Francisco School of Medicine where he was a faculty member for 8 years. He is Visiting Professor of Medicine at Shenyang and Liaoning Medical Colleges in China. Dr. Bartnof has hosted, "Age Management Medicine in the 21st Century" on voiceamerica.com. For more information, please visit http://www.drbartnof.com