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Paris, Île-de-France -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2014 --, a website that provides reviews of various beauty products available in France, has recently published its full review of the increasingly popular anti-aging formula Bella Pure. The editor of the blog personally tested the beauty product and has now shared her experience and results.

Bella Pure has recently gained immense recognition in France and is already a successful beauty product in many countries mainly Germany and the U.S.A. Majority of the Bella Pure France consumers have praised the effectiveness of the anti-aging formula and have confirmed the claims made by the manufacturer of Bella Pure i.e. – reduction in wrinkle density, reduction in depth of wrinkles and increment in production of collagen. The editor of set out to test the product herself to clearly determine if the product is indeed effective or the buzz is a sophisticated marketing campaign by Bella Pure creators.

One of the reasons why the editor was not hesitant in trying Bella Pure is due to its safe and natural ingredients which will not harm the skin of a person. Bella Pure does not contain any acid compounds which are widely used in beauty products as they make the overall solution very fast acting however prolonged usage could lead to skin damage. Since, Bella Pure does not contain acid compounds it is definitely safe but it also means that its results will be much slower and will require comparatively more usage to finally see any effects of the formula.

More usage does not mean smearing greater content very day, as informed by the editor herself. More usage requires daily application of Bella Pure and for the test the editor chose the duration of 4 weeks, as many customers stated that they saw visible effects within that period.

After 4 weeks of daily applying the cream very morning and without the usage of any other beauty product, the editor saw much improved results which are now published on the website. The editor further stated that the results were already visible in the end of 1st week of usage. The possible reason for the wrinkle deficiency and improved skin according to the editor is because of the 4 key ingredients in Bella Pure – distillate rose, Palmarosa oil, oil of Neroli and Petit grain. All of these ingredients are considered as highly effective and safe by many leading health critics some of whom have even called them ‘breakthrough beauty ingredients’.

About is one of the leading personal blogs which provides comprehensive reviews of numerous popular beauty creams specifically anti-aging creams available in France. The editor of the blog,, personally tests the beauty creams and shares her insights, experience and final conclusion on the products. The editor of recently tested the increasingly popular anti-aging formula ‘Bella Pure’ for duration of 4 weeks and has now published her full analysis on the blog.

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