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Anti Aging Night Cream Announces the Official Launch of Its Website

Skin care expert and anti-aging solution provider launches its new website and introduces an age defying product.


Victoria, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2013 -- Skin care expert and anti-aging solution provider, Anti Aging Night Cream is excited to announce the official launch of its website Facilitated by beauty guru Martina Gerste, the new website introduces the most effective anti-aging product in the market that brings in revolutionary results that promises to defy the skin aging process.

Changes in our skin are the most visible sign of aging. Wrinkles, fine lines, sagging and age spots are only some of the outward evidence of the ageing process that occurs in the skin.

Environmental factors, heredity or genetic makeup, sun exposure, life style and nutrition are the contributing factors that affect our skin.

With the advancement of science, several methods to erase the skin aging have arisen. From plastic surgery, laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion, facial lifts, chemical peels, botox or fillers, beauty products to high end cosmetics are invented to reverse the appearance of skin aging.

The increase of production of various skin treatments and anti-aging products shows the importance of maintaining the youthful appearance of the skin for both men and women in our society. Anti Aging Night Cream recognizes the need for an anti-aging product that is not only effective but non-invasive as well. With this, its new information rich website is introducing an all-in-one anti-aging solution for men and women that guarantees fast and visible effects—Revitol Complete Anti-Aging Night Cream.

This product is a combination of advanced ingredients that not only moisturizes and tightens the skin but also reduces the prominence of wrinkles and fine lines. Since this product targets the skin’s inner structure, younger looking skin can be achieved in just a short period of time.

The newly launched website also offers complete product information especially on the Revitol product’s active ingredients so that users are not only guaranteed on the effectiveness of the product but are also aware on its components.

Some of its active ingredients are: Argireline (helps in production of elastin and collagen to make skin firmer, younger and smoother plus reduces the excessive catecholamine thus relaxing the facial muscle), Dermox SRC (a serum that targets wrinkles and enhances collagen synthesis to repair and bring back the smooth surface of the face), DMAE (antioxidant that not only removes the body’s toxin but increases cell life), Edelweis extract (clears the skin of free radicals) , Evening Primrose Oil ( for skins overall health and tone), Hyaluronic Acid ( for skin maintenance), Hydrolyzed Wheat Gluten (effective moisturizer that is further combined to locust bean for a strong antitoxin), Skin Tightener ST (combination of both herbal and marine products that aim to improve collagen I and III synthesis and fibronectin to reduce wrinkles and to make the skin more elastic ) and Vitamin E (antioxidant that helps keeps the skin’s healthy glow).

For a complete and detailed information on Revitol Complete Anti-Aging Night Cream‘s active ingredient with its uses please visit

Say hello to younger and more confident you with Revitol Complete Anti-Aging Night Cream.

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AntiAgingCrean.Org offers the latest information on the most effective solution to skin ageing shared by skin care specialist Martina Gerste.

It introduces Revitol Complete Anti-Aging Night Cream that guarantees to restore the skin’s youthful appearance. With its combined active ingredients, it moisturizes and tightens the skin plus reduces the prominence of wrinkles and fine lines.