Anti Aging Skin Products Seen on TV Rated Best "Skin Products Package" Online by Beau Visage Ranked Best Anti Aging Skin Package

Anti Aging Skin Products Seen On TV Package Chosen Best "Anti Aging Skin Products" Online by marketers group, solidifying LHN's position in Anti Aging Arena


Lutz, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2013 -- Anti Aging Skin Products Seen On TV Package and Sold On Amazon.Com Was Officially Awarded The Title Of Best "Skin Products Package" Online After An Products Review Was Conducted By During A Live Online Marketer's Conference.

The revealing review of the new product package in which the online marketers voted for the "Best Anti Aging Skin Products" kit or package. While Liberty Health Network, LLC executives expected the result, attendees considered many two and three product options. Eventually, conference attendees reviewed and selected the "Beau Visage Anti Aging Skin Products Seen On TV Package" after meeting a variety of specific goals.

First and foremost, the Online Marketers considered which anti aging skin product brought the highest value to consumers. After much discussion, attendees agreed that multiple Liberty Health Network Beau Visage skin products would serve prospective anti aging products customers best.

The Beau Visage Anti Aging Skin Product, the Beau Visage Anti Aging Non Surgical Facelift Mask, serves as the anchor product in the mix. After TV's Fox 13 Memphis conducted a live demonstration of the non surgical facelift seen on TV , sales of the product exploded.

And with TV's Dr. Oz paying tribute to two of the main ingredients in the anti aging skin toner, Hyaluronic Acid & Witch Hazel, the Beau Visage Herbal Toner quickly became a fan favorite garnering raving reviews from customers who buy online from Amazon.Com.

The new Beau Visage Youth Renewal Moisturizer is a Mortechem-Free anti aging skin product that has been very well received. Customers appreciate the Titanium Dioxide Free status of the product after research at UCLA implicated Titanium Dioxide Nano Particle in cellular-level damage.

The last anti aging product is the Beau Visage Antioxidant Cleanser. With Aloe Vera, Acaii, Papaya, Green Tea, Rosemary, Orange and Grapefruit Peel Extracts, The cleanser has been the subject of many reviews noting not only the cleansing ability but also the fresh natural scent of the skin product.

The Marketers, with years of experience in direct sales of anti aging skin products, decided that the four combined anti aging products in Liberty's Beau Visage Anti Aging Skin

Products Seen On TV Package would work together synergistacally to give customers noticeable anti aging results from the very first treatment. Whereas most other anti aging products take days or weeks for noticeable anti aging effects, the new combination of these anti aging skin products package produce results in about 15 minutes for most users.

The review participants also felt by combining an anti aging skin mask, anti aging moisturizer, herbal toner, and antioxidant cleanser from the same manufacturer and made in the USA to the highest standards, anti aging skin products buyers would get the best results. By using all Beau Visage products, customers would be assured that the results from the Anti Aging Skin Products Seen On TV Package came entirely from Beau Visage Products. While some discussion was undertaken to see if mixing a variety of anti aging skin products from different manufactures made sense, consensus indicated that a less than desirable outcome could never be attributed to any specific brand, causing perhaps a lack of sales across different manufacturers.

After the conference, Liberty Health Network LLC'c Chief Operating Officer Russell Bly was quoted as saying "Customers tend to flock to anti aging skin products when those products are seen on TV. Giving customers a package of products and their associated ingredients directly and indirectly referenced and validated on TV, All we have to do is make the products easy to buy. By offering the package online through Amazon, we've be able to leverage Amazon's secure checkout process and fantastic reputation with our products TV exposure to reach men and women around the globe wanting anti aging skin care products."

Tracy Grevert, Liberty Health Network' LLC's CFO added "We've put what I believe is the strongest anti aging skin products package on the market. We save customers shipping by offering all products in one easy to order package. We use Amazon to assure a high quality buying experience. And, we back our products with an iron clad money-back guarantee. Basically, we've eliminated all the risk in purchasing anti aging skin care products."

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