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Anti Piracy Experts DMCA Guardian Provide Digital Bodyguard Service for Copyright Holders Everywhere


Manitoba, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/15/2012 -- If someone walks into a store and removes goods without paying, it’s theft. Sirens, police, a court hearing, every function of the justice system that applies when a crime is committed swings into action against the perpetrator.

To the alarm of copyright holders everywhere, however, hundreds of thousands of crimes are being committed every day in the digital space, yet little is being done. As potential income is destroyed by pirates and crime syndicates everywhere, many hardworking legitimate businesses are finding the job of protecting their digital property beyond that which they are capable of.

Enter the latest weapon in the fight against software theft offered by anti-piracy solutions provider DMCA Guardian.

While laws exist by which companies can petition to have their precious content removed from file sharing sites, it’s often impossible as the pirates themselves can react and re-upload content quicker than any normal human can remove it. In this way, DMCA Guardian has progressed beyond the limitation of our human hardware and produced a cutting-edge software platform which crawls the major file sharing websites, organizing for a DMCA takedown notice to be sent at every instance of pirated content being found.

Software piracy is a plague that modern lawmakers seem to powerless to tackle. While carjackers and shop-lifters everywhere face the full might of the law, it is rare that a digital pirate is prosecuted or fined, despite recent high-profile media stories. This has meant that hardworking entrepreneurs whose businesses involves creating software or media are constantly under threat from the spectre of piracy and theft, in constant risk of losing it all as a result of their products being stolen and distributed across the world.

Anti-piracy experts DMCA Guardian, however, have proposed a dramatic solution; to turn the tables on these disgraceful techno-bandits with a piece of software hell-bent on trawling every corner of the web for the merest hint of pirated software, ebooks, android applications and many more types of stolen content. The platform is a godsend for businesses everywhere, enabling a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly search and takedown submission service all accessible via a few clicks of a mouse. “Let us take care of searching for unauthorized uploads and submitting DMCA takedown requests,” the DMCA Guardian team offers. “Our service will help maximise your company’s revenue and save you time submitting these requests yourself!” Business owners don’t need to take their word for it; DMCA Guardian has demonstrated a 97% success rate in safeguarding applications pirated on some of the most popular file sharing websites in the world.

Now finally, businesses looking to make their mark in the online space can rest easy, knowing that a digital Doberman is keeping an eye on their precious content in the form of the dedicated team at DMCA Guardian. As criminals everywhere take advantage of the internet as another platform on which to commit their crimes, thousands are now reclaiming that space for honest commerce via the groundbreaking takedown tool only available at DMCAGuardian.com

About DMCA Guardian
DMCA Guardian helps digital product owners increase revenue by removing unauthorized product uploads to file sharing sites. We have developed a link gathering platform that collects links to your product on popular direct download file sharing websites. We collect links from blogs, forums, twitter, and file search engines. Once an unauthorized copy of your product is found we send a DMCA takedown notice to the file host to have your product removed. Save yourself countless hours of having to search for these links yourself and let us take care of it for you! Our service will help maximise your company’s revenue by helping reduce piracy of your products! For more information, visit http://www.dmcaguardian.com