Intra Realm Releases Blacklist of Russian and Ukrainian Women on Its Website


Moscow, Russia -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/09/2014 -- Online dating sites come a dozen a dime and huge number of these websites is used by online scammers and frauds to lure people and cheat money from them. Many Russian and Ukrainian women are infamous for such dating scams. Recently, released a huge blacklist of Russian scammers that operate through different dating sites with the sole intention of cheating people looking for companionship.

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The blacklist gives a lot of information about these online frauds with the help of which people can check Russian women and spot a scammer if they happen to belong to this list. People can see the pictures and also know the names and identities of these online dating scammers. With the help of this list aims to put online dating scams in the spotlight and bring everyone’s attention to it.

Talking about how members of can make use of Russian scammers blacklist , the administrator of the forum was quoted as saying - “ is an interactive website where men help each other to fight against Russian scammers. Site members can participate in the scam forum, browse through blacklist of Russian women, add Russian and Ukrainian girls to the blacklist, and benefit from the unique service of Russian women’s identity, background, pictures, e-mail, visa, travel documents, address official and express verification.”

Talking about how the blacklist gives common people an advantage, the administrator went on to say - “85% of Russian and Ukrainian women are listed in one of the four major Russian social networks As those sites are in Russian language,  a pro-dater or a scammer does not expect us going there to get her profile. It gives you the opportunity to see the real pictures, places of study and work of the Russian or Ukrainian woman you are interested in.”

People who date online or are looking for genuine companionship can verify Russian woman identity using the blacklist before dating them.

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