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Antilock Brake Systems Reduce Likelihood of Motorcycle Crashes in New Riders


Melbourne, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2012 -- With motorcycles posing a much more substantial risk of injury than larger motor vehicles in the event of a collision, research groups around the country work to identify ways to minimize the risk of an accident for motorcycle riders. One study by the Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI) suggests a simple ally in the fight to minimize motorcycle incidents on the road: Antilock Brake Systems, or ABS.

According to the study, which tracked insurance claims filed for ABS and non-ABS bikes, a non-ABS bike is 30 percent more likely to be in an accident requiring an insurance claim within the first 90 days of the insurance being acquired, and 19 percent more likely to be in such an accident at a later point. “This looks at first like we’re talking mostly about new riders,” says Brad Sinclair, founder of Florida firm Sinclair Law, “But remember that new insurance must be acquired whenever a vehicle changes owners. So this study includes both new riders and experienced riders who are on a bike they’ve not previously owned.”

The study also demonstrates that collision claims overall were 23 percent less likely for ABS-equipped bikes and medical claims related to motorcycle accidents were 34 percent less frequent. “According to the data, not only do ABS-equipped bikes get into fewer accidents,” says Sinclair, “but they get into less severe accidents as well.

Sinclair believes that this information should be taken to heart by all bikers, regardless of skill level. “When you get right down to it,” Sinclair says, “ABS isn’t a crutch for beginning bikers. The data shows that even experienced riders derive big benefits from the use of ABS-equipped bikes. It prevents accidents and saves lives, whether you’re a beginner or a pro.”

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