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Antimony Market Is Anticipated to Reach 150,420 Tons by 2022

Progressive Markets added a detailed report titled, “Global Antimony Market- Size, Trend, Share, Opportunity Analysis, and Forecast, 2012–2022”. According to the analysis, the global market consumption is anticipated to reach 150,420 tons by 2022. The market accounted for a total consumption of 198,650 tons in 2012.


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/22/2018 -- The data presented in the report is a compilation of vital information gathered by expert analysts, by following an extensive research methodology.

Antimony, found in the nature as sulfide mineral stibnite, is a lustrous gray, brittle, silvery crystalline solid. The metal, in its pure form, is widely used to make specific types of semiconductor devices, such as diodes and infrared detectors. Antimony is a poor conductor of electricity and heat, and its powdered form is used in medicines and cosmetics. The most commonly used form of the metal is antimony trioxide. Flame retardant applications fuel the demand for antimony trioxide. The compound is extensively used as a catalyst for PET production. Owing to the extensive research and development, antimony finds large applications in the development of memory devices, thus replacing the conventional flash drive memory tools widely used in computers and mobile phones. The groundbreaking technological advancements are expected to provide several opportunities for the market to grow.

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Drivers & Restraints:

Numerous factors contribute to the expansion of the "global antimony industry". The report presents a comprehensive analysis of the key factors that influence the dynamics of the market, such as major drivers, restraints, and opportunities. The rapid growth of the electronics industry has led to a growing demand for components with advanced features. The wide range of applications of antimony and an increase in its incorporation in microelectronics drive the growth of the market. However, several restrictions imposed on trade practices involving the metal hinders the market's growth. In addition to the mandates, the health hazards associated with the prolonged use of antimony acts as a major obstacle to the market's overall progress. The significant development of antimony for use in the generation of memory devices provides growth opportunities for the new entrants to expand their reach in the industry. The stagnant supply of the metal has resulted in a rise in the demand, thus propelling the growth of the antimony market.

Antimony Market Key Segments:

By Application
Nonmetal Products
Metal Products
Flame Retardants

By Geography
South Africa

The report analyzes the global antimony market across two major categories- applications and geography. Owing to its diverse properties, antimony finds use in various applications ranging from metal products, non-metal products, flame retardants, and others. Based on the geographical breakdown, the potential of the market is identified across the globe in the regions of Mexico, Canada, Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Australia, Turkey, South Africa, Burma, Tajikistan, Vietnam, and Bolivia. The antimony market size by application and the forecast for the duration 2012–2022 is carried out for each geographical segment.

Key Players in the market:

The industry displays a competitive landscape with a few leading players accounting for the largest antimony market share. The leading players in the market include Loudi Bofeite Antimony Industry Co., Ltd., Yiyang Huachang, Zhuzhou Anter New Materials Technology Co., Ltd., Hunan Loudi Huaxing Antimony, Hechi Wuji Co., Ltd., Guangxi Hechi Nanfang Non-Ferrous Metal Group, Hubei Yongcheng, shiny Materials Science & Technology Inc., Village Main Reef Ltd., Liuzhou China Tin Group, Mandalay Resources Corporation, Shenzhen Jiefu Corporation, Xizang Hengkun Smelting Co., Ltd., Wenye Non-Ferrous Metal Co., Ltd., Sichuan Xinju Mineral Resource Development Co., Ltd, Korea Zinc Co., Ltd., 5N Plus, Chenzhou Mining Group Co., Ltd., Hsikwangshan Twinkling Star, and Yunnan Muli Antimony Industry Co., Ltd. The study includes the company profile, product information, and the capacity production price cost production value of the leading players profiled in the report.

Key Benefits

The antimony industry report presents a comprehensive analysis of the current and emerging market trends and highlights the top impacting factors that result in the growth or failure of the market. Quantitative analysis of the current market identifies the prevailing growth opportunities and assists the market players in gaining maximum returns. The antimony market forecast of the key geographical areas, based on the applications, enable the stakeholders to capitalize on the most lucrative investment options. Information about the leading market players, their mergers, acquisitions, and the key winning strategies adopted by them helps the entry-level organization to evaluate the intensity of competitive rivalry and to formulate strategic business moves to expand their reach in the antimony industry.