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Elkhart, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/02/2012 -- Antivirus software is absolutely essential these days. There are more viruses floating about than ever before, and they are continually becoming more sophisticated and nefarious. Early computer viruses were merely an annoyance but now organized gangs are creating viruses that harvest credit card details, online banking logins and other information that can be used for fraud. However, not all antivirus programs are created equal. Some are much more effective than others.

One antivirus software comparison website that is getting a lot of attention is This site has built a solid reputation due to its unbiased and comprehensive reviews of a large number of antivirus software’s.

The site currently contains full reviews for fifteen of the most popular antivirus protection packages, including software from Norton, McAfee and Avast. The software is rated out of ten, and all the most unique and interesting features of each package are outlined. Strengths and weaknesses are fully described, and each software package is evaluated according to all the rigorous criteria that would be expected from an unbiased review.

In addition to reviews, the site also contains regularly updated editorial content with interesting insights in to the antivirus market, as well as guidance on how consumers can fully protect their computer.

A spokesperson for the site said:

“Protecting your computer is incredibly important, and most computer users are starting to realize the significance of antivirus software. If consumers use their computer for online banking, online purchases or any other financial transaction then it is especially important to protect themselves. However it’s not easy to choose the right piece of software. There are so many competing antivirus programs on the market and they all make similar claims. The aim of the site is to enable consumers to choose the most appropriate antivirus software without needing a technical background. Our rigorous, unbiased review process covers everything consumers need to know about choosing the right antivirus software. We’ve comprehensively analyzed every piece of software and identified all the strengths and weaknesses, we finish with a simple rating system. The reviews are written in plain English so that anyone, irrespective of their computer knowledge, can make an informed decision. ”

About is a website which reviews antivirus software based on the most essential criteria, to help site visitors make a decision about which antivirus software package is right for them.

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