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Antron Engineering Dimension 3D Printer Helps Diverse Industries Create Less Costly Prototypes and Expedite Manufacturing Process


Bellingham, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2012 -- Many businesses want prototype models of their designs, but want to do so faster and more efficiently. For aerospace, medical, and automotive products, having access to a 3-D printer can take a concept from the idea to a finished design quicker. For marketing and business development it can be a powerful, functional model that makes a big impact on a business’ product offerings.

“Antron Engineering’s Dimension 3D Printer can create a part in one hour depending on the complexity and contours of the part,” said Antron executive vice president John Kauker, IV. “Clients like that they can have a working model or product proof more efficiently. They can make changes to make a part better by having something to test a lot quicker.”

Companies such as Thermo Scientific, EMC and Woodcraft have used Antron’s Dimension 3D Printer. Prototype models with their 3-D printer cost hundreds of dollars, not thousands like other methods used to create prototypes. The uniqueness of Antron’s 3-D printer is that it prints in a wide variety of colors and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene plastic (ABS) that performs well in rigorous functional testing.

“Antron’s ABS models create a nice master from the form fitting process that some of the most demanding industries need for their design departments to further their product line and functionality,” said Kauker.

Clients oftentimes call on Antron to create the prototype from their 3-D printer and thus becomes an integral part of their process from prototype to full manufacturing of parts and equipment.

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