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Antron Engineering & Machine Enters Agreement with Kaufman Company to Use CribMaster ProStock Onsite Took Dispenser


Bellingham, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/09/2012 -- Antron is always looking for new and better ways to improve their production process. This helps keep them at the forefront of best practices in the industry and allows them to provide the best service possible for their customers.

In daily production, there is a constant need to change and use different tools for specific machines, functions and jobs. Given the wide range of work that Antron can now handle that means a large variety of tools are necessary on a daily basis. Our tool crib is already a well-organized and key part of their work-flow, but they wanted to look for ways to enhance their access to necessary tools.

Antron stated today, “We’re excited to announce that Antron has entered into an agreement with Kaufman Company of Norwood to begin using the CribMaster ProStock onsite tool dispenser for a portion of our tool needs. Kaufman handles a wide range of the tools we need and the onsite machine will be stocked to fit our needs. It allows us to have immediate access to specific tools, but we aren’t charged for any tool until we dispense it for use. This helps us control what tools are used and how often. With the CribMaster ProStock machine, Kaufman will track our usage too, electronically, and that will enable auto-restocking with no freight charges.”

The advent of this kind of onsite tool distribution system will clearly save time and money. At any time during the Antron production cycle, when a tools is needed they will have access to it immediately, which means more uptime with lower overhead costs. CribMaster ProStock will help also help avoid potential inventory outages while eliminating obsolete inventory and the problems that come with tracking those assets and costs.

With the CribMaster managed database Antron can get access to over 7,000 items and Kaufman offers analysis tools to give them more insight into tool usage and department spending patterns for greater savings.

At the start, this type of onsite delivery will account for 5% to 10% of Antron’s tool dispensing needs, but there is certainly a great opportunity to take further advantage of this functionality as the company grows.

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