Seo Gladiator Enlightens Readers on How to Kill and Get Rid of Carpenter Ants (Wood Destroying Ants)


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/23/2015 -- Many foods are attractive to carpenter ants, including honey or other sweet foods. During spring, carpenter ants are particularly attracted to protein sources, such as honey. Set out small drips of honey for the ants to take back to their nest. It is easier to follow the ants when they are carrying food. With patience and perseverance, you can follow the big black carpenter ants back to their nest. If you put pieces of fish in many areas, food placed closer to the nest or trails will be found sooner.

An important method for preventing carpenter ant problems indoors is to eliminate high moisture conditions that are attractive to them. Also, replace any moisture-damaged wood. Be careful to prevent moisture in wood or lumber that is stored in a garage or near the house and, if possible, elevate this wood to allow air circulation.

Store firewood as far away from buildings as possible. Remove tree and shrub stumps and roots. Trim branches that overhang the home so these branches don't contact the house, including roof and eaves. Also, prune branches that touch electrical lines or other wires that are connected to the house; carpenter ants can travel from branches to lines and use them like a highway to buildings.

Carpenter ant control Extermination should be performed by an experienced ant exterminator professional. They have the experience, equipment, and a wider array of products to more effectively get rid of a carpenter ant problem. Home and business dwellers can still play a crucial role in killing carpenter ants by providing detailed information to a Carpenter ant removal professional, such as when, where, and how many winged carpenter ants were seen in the house whether they notice damage or saw dust.

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