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Antworks Best Selected as Ant Extermination Services for Portland Homeowners


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/08/2016 -- Antworks, a well-known pest control company in Portland, Oregon, has been providing guaranteed pest extermination and removal services in the area for over eight years.

To remove ants successfully, Antworks pest control specialists are equipped with the proper expertise and training. They also know all about ants to make them effective bug exterminators. For one, ants along with other pests are normally attracted to moisture. These are bathrooms, dining rooms and kitchens of houses. The ant control expert focuses on areas where ants love to inhabit. These are injections in wall voids, fissures and floor moldings. They use odor-free and safe materials to control the infestation.

For pest control outside the house, Antworks ant exterminators treat areas that are exposed to dirt or come in contact with plants. These are common places like pathways, driveways as well as areas between the structure's foundation and ground. Chemicals used by Antworks to remove ants are not the usual highly-repellent insecticide sprays that are not effective against ants. This chemical has pyrethrum (ornamental plants) ingredient which can be purchased in most home and garden shops.

Antworks technicians utilize ant baits to remove ants from residential units. This is a dependable method of targeting the whole ant colony using an insecticide capable of providing long-term protection. Ants are easily enticed by said food baits which the workers bring to the nest so the others including the queen can feed on the food. These decoys reach all the pests and cause their extermination. As part of the pest control process, the baits are put inside cabinets and cupboards; under appliances and furniture pieces; and, on counter tops. These may be transferred to new spots if there is no ant activity after one to two days. Hundreds of ants will flock to the baits and form trails coming from the nest.

These ant baits are available in enclosed or refillable categories. The second variety is refilled by pest control providers as soon as the baits have been eaten. On the other hand, the enclosed type is replaced every 14 days. Exterior varieties are made to endure rain and hot weather. These must be put around the house or areas where ant trails are discovered. Antworks technicians also use insecticides sprayed around the base of houses as well as on the foundation. Meanwhile, the insecticide can also be sprayed near doors, windows, ventilations, and access areas to prevent ants from gaining entry inside the house.

About Antworks
Antworks is capable of dealing with pests such as bedbugs, hornets and spiders but it specializes in ant control. The company utilizes cost-effective techniques which are all inexpensive and guaranteed to be successful. Antworks uses unique long-term procedures and materials meant for the effective control of social insects. Antworks is located at Portland and Beaverton in Oregon as well as Vancouver (Washington).

Call 855-ANTWORK toll free or 855–268-9675. Check out the company's website at for its services, methods/materials and customer reviews.

Antworks Pest Control
Address: 11124 NE Halsey St #400, Portland, OR 97220
Phone: 855-268-9675