Anwar Khan Looks to Free the Children from Religious Responsibilities with Funding via Indiegogo.


Cardiff, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2014 -- Anwar Khan has created this campaign on behalf of his younger brother and his three young children. They live in Melbourne, Australia. In January 2003, Anwar’s brother and his wife separated. Until final court orders, the children live with their mother. Over a two year period and without Anwar’s brother’s knowledge, the wife converted to a fundamentalist Muslim by a local Islamic group who believe in the practice of Sharia (Islamic) law. The girls – who are 10 year old twins and a 5 year old – are now being coerced by their mother to pray 5 times a day, during the night, even in their lunch break at school. Children are also instructed to recite holy Quran every day and wear hijab in public and at school. A major part of children’s day is taken away to undertake religious observances.

Anwar’s brother doesn’t believe that such young children should be brainwashed and forced into practicing religious rituals mandated only for Muslim adults. He wishes to see the children learning, playing and participating in extracurricular activities and just enjoying being children. When they are adults, they can decide for themselves which particular religious ritual they want to practice and how often. For now, the kids should be allowed to be just kids without heavy religious responsibilities.

Anwar is helping his brother in raising money for the legal fees to fight for his children’s religious freedom. He has a 1-day court hearing in March 2014 and a 4-day hearing in June 2014 where his legal team will argue that his ex-wife has no right to indoctrinate, instruct and force the children to practice adult-like heavy religious practices on a daily basis. It’s a big issue which will require expert academic and religious evidence and the legal fees are very expensive. Anwar would like to raise about $40,000 alone to pay for the legal team.

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