Joe Bragg Eliminates Filter Buying Confusion


Creola, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/20/2012 -- Filters are common in many household appliances and other machinery. The average person will have lots of filters in their home: in air conditioning units, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators and other common household items. Every time one of these appliances is sold, a filter is included. These filters need to be replaced periodically to extend the life and effectiveness of the appliance. With that in mind, it’s little wonder that the filter industry is booming.

One website getting a lot of attention in this industry is As the name would suggest, they carry every type of filter imaginable. The website sells filters of every size, for every conceivable application. Home air filters are a specialty, but the site is by no means limited to that narrow market.

There is a wide range of filters for air conditioning units of all types, as well as filters for every brand of refrigerator. There are huge filters for industrial cooling units, and tiny filters to remove impurities from water in home taps, as well as everything in between.

With such a wide range of filters on offer, has taken the necessary steps to avoid confusion and make sure customers get the right filter for their needs. Each product comes with a full color, high-resolution image. There is also a comprehensive product description, explaining the use and dimensions of each filter.

One feature that sets apart from their competition is the Filter Calculator Tool. Using this tool allows site visitors to order custom filters in literally any size. That means that even in the rare event that doesn’t carry the exact type of filter that a customer is looking for, they can create one from supplied dimensions. This isn’t limited to just custom air filters. Almost all of the site’s merchandise can be ordered to a customer’s exact specifications.

A spokesperson for the site said: “Even with our large selection, we found that a lot of customers were hitting a dead end. Often the manufacturer of their equipment had gone out of business, or they were using extremely obscure pieces of machinery. They were unable to find the exact filter they needed, and were making do with ill fitting and ineffective substitutes. We created our custom filter service and Filter Calculator Tool to make sure that customers have the right filter for their needs.”

About is an online storefront consisting of one of the world's largest selections of air filters, water filters, refrigerator filters, vacuum filters, air cleaners, air purifiers and more.

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