Anything Silver Offers Rare Pair of Victorian Silver Taper Sticks and Other Antique Silver Items


Cheshire, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2013 -- has recently launched itself and is providing the rarest silver items. Rare items like Victorian silver taper sticks are one example of such an item often demanded by antique collectors and not easily available. The company is offering exquisite items from the Victorian era at surprisingly nominal price. The company is run by semi-retired silver dealer Patricia Lyndsay, who has decades of experience in buying and selling antique silver items.

Ms. Patricia Lyndsay quoted on the launch of the company and its objective, “Throughout my career I have been associated with antique silver merchandise. Now after immense experience and knowledge of antique silverware, I have launched Anything Silver to offer some of the finest pieces of history. Through the company we will offer rarest items which are often demanded. The Georgian square based styled Victorian Silver Taper Sticks which is currently available, was made in 1897 and is one of my favorite all time pieces. Information and pictures of this product and other items can be viewed on the website. At Anything Silver we are happy to respond to any queries and offer additional details of the items if required.”

The website,, has multiple high quality images of each antique item and provides approximate dimensions as well. Each item is also followed by a brief historical significance, creation year and location. Currently the company is offering majorly Victorian Era products dating back to 1885. A Victorian silver bowl and a Victorian silver prayer book case along with the original book are also some of the exquisite items currently available. The most antique collection is the Georgian toilette box created which was created in 1823. Anything Silver stated that most of the items have minimal tear and have been handled with extreme care.

The company informed that that they are not a jewelry site and will offer items time to time depending on the availability of antique items. Anything Silver elaborated that their objective is to offer the best antique silver items which are still in great condition and have historical background.

About Anything Silver
Anything Silver is a company that provides antique silver items. Through their online platform,, various products offered by the company and details of different kinds of silver items can be viewed. The company is known for its unique and highly demanded antique silver merchandise.

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