Allofmp3 Inc States Has the Largest Music Catalogue in the Latest Mp3va Review


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2012 -- Allofmp3, provider of the popular music forum, has recently reviewed the online music shop and has stated that it has the largest music catalogue available online. The company, which has been reviewing online music shops to help their users buy legit and cheapest music, also stated that this music database record has not surprised them because the online music shop has been building its catalogue for past 5 years. The company further informed that was unheard of before because their provision of mainstream albums was later than their competitors. Now is providing these mainstream albums and is also offering two free tracks to display the quality of their mp3 tracks.

In the mp3va review, the company has stated that the online music shop’s catalogue is almost twice that of other music providers. The review further informs that mp3va’s user interface is simple yet effective and also has additional features if required by customers. The download speed of the mp3s is also complemented, stating that the speed of the downloads will match the user’s max internet speed. provides a 20% discount on all albums and charges $ 0.15 per track with permanent special offers, states the review. Overall the online music shop has received a highly recommended mark giving it an 88% personal rating. has been one of the most active music forums on the internet. Users discuss various topics on the site and also inform each other of latest offers for buying song tracks and albums. The company itself reviews music providers and updates the users on latest music news. The forum has been considered as one of the best places to gain attention for new artists or existing ones who are trying gain popularity. The company also informs its users on the legality of music and maintains a friendly atmosphere by constant observations.

After gaining the largest music catalogue title, will finally gain the popularity they craved for. The full review of the online music shop can be viewed by the following link - Click here to read mp3va review. Bonus offers for are also available in the published review.

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