Aotearoa Beauty Blackhead Removal Kit Becomes a Big Seller on Amazon

Company’s Professional Blackhead, Blemish & Pimple Extractor Kit is the #1 new release on Amazon. Aotearoa Beauty offers tips on keeping beauty tools clean.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/05/2015 -- Amazon, the largest online shopping platform announces the Aotearoa Beauty Blackhead Removal Kit is now available with a discounted price for a limited time only. The Blackhead removal kit provides people with a safe and easy way to have a clear, clean skin. The kit, which is priced at $12.95 and comes with five remover tools, is backed with a full money back guarantee.

Keeping beauty tools clean and safe is a key but often an overlooked part of any routine. Aotearoa Beauty, which makes the Professional Blackhead, Blemish & Pimple Extractor Kit, which is currently the No. 1 new release among blemish tools on, is offering some simple guidelines for customers.

There are two different levels of cleaning for beauty tools: sanitation and sterilization. Sanitation kills bacteria on objects—for example, washing hands for 20 seconds or more with antibacterial soap.

Sterilization kills all microorganisms on an object, including viruses and mold spores.

For most beauty tools, sterilization isn't necessary, as it's intended for objects that go into the body cavity and more commonly performed on medical implements. Some salons do use heat to sterilize tools, however.

Aotearoa recommends following this procedure for cleaning and sanitizing beauty tools.

- Wash. For metal tools like tweezers, eyelash curlers, eyebrow trimmers, cuticle nippers, and nail clippers, wash them down using water and antibacterial soap. Pat dry with a clean towel.

- Sanitize. Thoroughly wipe down the tool with an alcohol-soaked cotton ball. Allow it to dry for a few moments.

- Repeat. Ideally these types of beauty tools should at least be washed with soap and water after each use, if not sanitized as well. Aim to give them the full treatment every two weeks. Store the tools in a clean container to ensure they stay sanitized.

If, for some reason, it isn't possible to follow this procedure, Aotearoa suggests at least wiping the tools down with a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol.

Sterilization does become necessary if metal tools come into contact with blood, like, for example, after using tweezers to remove a splinter. In that case, put the tool in boiling water for 10 minutes, then wipe with disinfectant—it's wise to take no chances when dealing with blood-borne pathogens.

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Aotearoa Beauty Professional Blackhead, Blemish & Pimple Extractor Kit, Now at last a safe & easy way to give yourself clear, clean skin, 5 Piece Remover Tools.

SURGICAL GRADE STAINLESS STEEL. The extractor tools are manufactured of surgical grade stainless steel so they'll never rust. This is the same quality of tool found in dermatology clinics across America!

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