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Apart from Offering High-Quality Jewelry Items, This Company Adopts Only Ethical Practices

Bashford Jewelry Is Committed to Improving the Livelihood and Living Conditions of People


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/18/2015 -- For those who are looking for a jewelry company that offers perfect engagement rings and pairs of earrings that may complement the other jewelry they wear, the good news is Bashford Jewelry is offering these items that are of very high quality and that are made using ethical practices. The jewelry company says that they can design and customize rings also according to the requirements of their customers. Their custom jewelry craftsmen are highly skilled for creating unique pieces. Further, their experts are capable of creating any type of jewelry and accessory that includes one-of-a-kind rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.

Even if customers do not have an idea about the design they want, they can get guidance and inspiration from their team, says the company. In fact, one of their team members will work with customers throughout the design process right from conceptualizing the design up to the creation of the jewelry piece.

Bashford Jewelry takes pride in asserting that they sell only Conflict free diamonds.The diamonds they sell have Certification from CanadaMark and hence, customers can be certain that they are buying ethical diamonds from them. Customers can also be certain that diamonds that have CanadaMark certification are responsibly mined in Canada's Northwest Territories, they are natural and untreated, tracked and audited at every stage right from the country of origin till the stones are polished. Further, these Canadian diamonds are polished to meet specific quality standards.

The company dedicates 5% of their profits towards noble causes like protecting the environment, providing education to the poor and making amenities like water available to the needy. They spend this money for alleviating hunger, taking steps for ensuring animal rights, for treating people with Cancer, Breast Cancer, etc. and for Disaster Relief.

The company says that they are committed to minimizing carbon footprint and therefore, they are partnering with the local community for participating in energy efficiency and implementing green cleaning methods and water conservation programs.

The ethical practices they adopt include using only conflict free diamonds. They also use sustainable bamboo ring box, recycled precious metal and reuse packaging materials. They utilize a vapor emissions cleaning system and a rigorous procedure of cleaning liquid emanations so they can prevent contaminants from polluting the environment.

They adopt responsible labor practices. All their jewelry items are crafted in the United States, a country that enforces strict labor and safety practices.

What sets them apart is they are not confining themselves to the Kimberley Process's definition for bringing out conflict-free diamonds because the Kimberly process does not help in getting rid of unethically mined diamonds completely.

The company uses recycled precious metals for making their fine jewelry and at the same time, they do not compromise on the quality. Simply put, they cast their assemble using only 100% recycled and re-refined metals.

The diamonds they offer are ethical diamonds because they are untouched by human rights abuses such as using child labor and forced labor and resorting to crimes like murder, torture, and rape. They feel that the link between diamonds and all forms of exploitation and suffering should be broken.

The company takes a lot of steps including investing their profits for improving livelihoods and infrastructure, empowering communities and providing education, and health care to local communities.

About Bashford Jewelry
Bashford Jewelry offers high quality jewelry items that are made using ethical practices. Further, the company spends a portion of the profits they earn by selling jewelry and diamonds towards protecting the environment, providing education and healthcare to people, improving infrastructure and making various other amenities available to the needy. They deal with only conflict free diamonds and adopt healthy labor practices for making their jewelry items.

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