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APC Valves Engineered and Launched Post Indicator Valves for Complex Fire Protection Systems


Anhui, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2017 -- APC Valves, a reputable manufacturer of industry-standard valves, recently launched a wide selection of post indicator valves or PIVs that can be used for opening or closing water supply systems used in fire protection systems. The Post Indicator Valve which the company has launched comes with conventional gates and a visual indicator. The owners claimed that the vale can be opened or closed effortlessly as it is easily accessible inside a fire protection system. At present, APC Valves offers ground PIVs, pedestal PIVs and wall-mounted PIVs, and these products are available in different orientations and combinations.

The owners of APC Valves said that their post indicator valves can ideally be placed at inlet point of any sprinkler system or fire protection system. They said that the different types of post indicator valves which they offer now are suitable for different types of water installations.

"The ground valve is mostly used when the valve is placed outside a compound or building. These valves usually have tall and vertical posts, with the lower portion of the valve buried underground. The open valves are usually placed behind a window. On the other hand, the pedestal indicator valve is mostly placed inside a building. Wall post indicator valve is commonly used in fire protection systems in which the main water supply passes through some sort of wall cavity. These products come with actuators and status indicators in most cases", said a sales and marketing executive while speaking on behalf of APC Valves.

APC Valves looks to increase its total export volume and quarterly sales in the coming months and the marketing executive said that the launch of the PIVs is a strategic move to achieve the key business goals for the next two quarters. He said that their aim is to meet the international standards as well as standards and specifications set by governments and regulatory authorities of different countries.

"Our products are compliant with the standards set by authorities such as FM, UL(USA), LPCB, CSA, VDS, TUV, PSB and JIS", added the executive during a press conference.

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