Apex-Equities.com Launches ApEq Funds

Designed for Investors Over 55 Actively Planning For Retirement


Hong Kong, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/30/2015 -- Apex Equities (apex-equities.com) launched five new mutual funds which seek to provide long-term investment results that correspond to the total return of the applicable Apex Equities ApEq™ Retirement Indexes (the "ApEq™ Indexes"). The ApEq™ Indexes aim to help investors estimate how much their current savings will generate in annual lifetime income when they turn 65, or conversely, how much they need to save to reach a certain level of annual lifetime income when they turn 65.

"For decades, preparing for retirement meant saving as much as you could and trying to make your savings last a lifetime. Yet, understanding what a lump sum savings provides in estimated retirement income is difficult," said Carol Peh Yun, Managing Director and Head of Apex Equities' Retirement Group. "The ApEq™ Indexes enable pre-retirees to quickly estimate the annual lifetime income their current savings may generate once they turn 65. Now, individuals can also invest in the ApEq™ Funds, which seek to deliver a total return that tracks the expected median cost of lifetime income."

The mutual funds invest primarily in fixed income securities and can also invest in other financial instruments. They will be managed by Scott Lang, CFA, and James Boing, from Apex Equities' Portfolio Solutions Group within Fixed Income Alpha Strategies.

The ApEq™ funds seek to provide a flexible way to help you prepare for retirement, so that once you reach age 65, the choice is yours. You can liquidate your holdings in your ApEq™ Fund and work with your financial advisor to invest in another lifetime income solution, such as an annuity. Or you can customize your own plan.

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