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Apex-Expeditions Announces Plans for Patagonia Adventure Expedition

World travelers have a chance to experience the majesty of Patagonia and other exotic locales notes Apex-Expeditions.com.


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/27/2014 -- When writing for the TravelChannel.com, travel writer Gretchen Kelley advises travelers to consider the merits of “Eco-tourism” and excursions to eco-friendly locations around the globe. Gretchen writes, “Taking an eco-tour is to experience one of the most thrilling experiences in the international travel. These tours bring both relaxation and a host of challenging adventures to those who accompany their hosts to these exotic locales.”

Ms. Kelley further advises those interested in this style of touring, “Not only are these tours fun, but you'll feel good about yourself when they are over. Eco-tours allow travelers to gain from direct interaction with nature and the native people they meet. In addition, these tours protect the environment and support the cultural history of these areas. Visitors on such tours have a unique chance to gain life skills in a natural setting quite unlike their own It also gives them a chance to responsibility support economic development while they are on tour.”

Serving the needs of these tourists is the travel touring company known as Apex Expeditions. Currently planned for March of 2015, they are exceptionally proud of their upcoming Patagonia Adventure Expedition. Alicia Freyman a spokesperson for Apex Expeditions describes their tour in this way, “Our guided tour of Patagonia includes all the services travelers require for such a unique adventure to take place. We work to provide our guests with every service their arrival in Buenos Aires through their return home.”

Ms. Freyman explains, “Our trips include all air travel within Chile and Argentina as given in our tour itinerary, as well as any gratuities along the way. In addition, each of our tours is accompanied by four of our Apex Expedition leaders from start to finish. In particular, the expertise of our experienced guides adds to both the educational value of our trips and the ease in which our travelers can maneuver the challenges of new landscapes.”

When discussing Apex Expeditions trip to Patagonia, their spokesperson wants everyone to share their excitement in visiting this part of the world. Alicia Freyman adds, “ This region at the southern-most tip of the South American continent is is both pristine and wild. It provides sights that are both awe inspiring in its natural spirit and culturally rich in its historic chronicles.”

“Our Apex Expeditions - Patagonia 2015 tour will take our guests to iconic places written about by Darwin and St. Exupéry. This Patagonia Adventure Tour brings attention to remote locations you have read about in their novels. It is truly the trip of a lifetime when one has the chance to experience the majesty of condors in The Andes, Orca whales off the coast of the Peninsula Valdés and the utter vision of the ghostly Puma of Torres del Paine National Park.

About Apex Expeditions
Apex Expeditions is a tour company that specializes in eco-friendly travel to a biologically diverse series of locations around the world. They offer travelers a chance to experience guided tours that allows visitors to focus on unique cultural and environmental landscapes largely unseen by the average world traveler. Groups are designed to give like-minded travelers a chance to explore a variety of destinations on every continent throughout the year. Tours have been planned for 2015 to such international locations as Ethiopia, The Congo, Japan, India and Nepal.

In addition to their eco-tour of Patagonia, others tours to South America will visit Ecuador and Brazil are shown on their website located online at www.apex-expeditions.com