Jim Gordon

Aphina Vampire Nexus: Epic Novel Blurs the Line Between Fiction and Reality

The novel is a solid matrix of scientific theory interwoven with science fiction and action and inspired by the Vedic Atlantis Dwarka Wars


Milwaukie, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2014 -- Back to the beginning of time to the first vampire and from there the evolution of two distinct species of vampires battling for world dominance. As prophesied, Aphina is now to continue the conflict into the present age as she is thrust into “Area 51.” Aphina is of the ancient linage of the royal priest/kings of Atlantis and now is compelled to renew her combat in a war against the “Solar Reich.”

Author Jim Gordon has asked these questions and many more. He has tirelessly searched for thirty years for the truth. He has combined his findings of historical fact and scientific theory with tales of vampires, vampire hunters and aliens to create an epic thriller in his new work, "Aphina Vampire Nexus."

The novel is a solid matrix of scientific theory interwoven with science fiction and action. The work breaks new literary ground, leading readers to their own pivotal moment of enhanced reality, where things previously thought fantasy are actually proven to be true.

According to the writer, “The title character, Aphina, is an other-worldly genius, who finds herself in a life and death situation at the outset of the story. As events progress, Aphina discovers that she has more to offer than just her intellect. She finds additional personal strengths she never knew existed, and she learns to value the abilities of others in her life as well.”

Jim Gordon also says “The story is built upon principles taken from diverse fields, such as anthropology, mathematics, physics, theology, archeology, psychology, chemistry, astrophysics, oceanography, and general science. In the past, these fields may have been viewed as unapproachable for the layman – even dry-but not anymore now. The story of Aphina makes science and history not only approachable, but irresistible. Scientific and historical facts are presented, but in a way that both entertains and informs.”

The action and suspense in the story of Aphina will keep readers turning the pages well into the night. BookReviewBuzz says, "Aphina Vampire Nexus by Jim Gordon is a compelling and imaginative Sci-Fi Fantasy extravaganza of wickedly well written research about scientific facts that will open your eyes to a new world."

About Jim Gordon
Jim Gordon is a writer and business owner who resides in Milwaukie, Oregon. He wrote a screenplay entitled "Day of the Dragon." This is his first novel. Additionally, he accurately predicted the untimely death of Princess Diana (http://www.allvoices.com/people/princess_diana) four months in advance, in 1997.

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