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API2Cart Sparks New API Methods in Magento Integration


Ternopil, Ukraine -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2014 -- From this time on, API2Cart offers new API methods for Magento integration. There is a possibility to update categories as well as delete products from the stores in no time.

The emergence of new digital technologies has profoundly changed the way we do business nowadays. It can be safely assumed that It’s getting harder to turn around in trade world without some reference to online retail. However, current e-Commerce environment is extremely competitive with razor thin margins and squeezed bottom lines. So, in order to stay ahead of the pack, there is a strong necessity to innovate and capitalize on it  adjusting to the market’s conditions immediately.

Surfe the e-Commerce Wave with Magento Integration

Sometimes, e-Commerce world can be associated with a deep ocean, and the great variety of tools for conducting e-business - with the marigenous creatures. So, in order not to stay in doldrums, online service providers have to catch their ‘seventh wave’ to surf the online retail all the way to success. Magento integration is considered to be such wave that helps to deal with accessing various data and processing it within the business soft.

Providing inventory and order management systems, dropshipping, mobile app builder, e-mail marketing, repricing or comparison shopping engines or any other service, integration with Magento will give added value and competitive advantage. By connecting to this shopping cart, the service’s functionality is going to get a breeze of enhancements. It’s feasible to retrieve, add, update, delete and sync all needed data from Magento stores and process it within the business system. It comes as no surprise that there is a chance to get access to 250 000+ of e-stores owners as the potential clients, thus scaling the income greatly.

API2Cart as a Mindful Helper

However, performing Magento integration isn’t simple option at all which requires knowledge in the specific logic of information storage. Finding strong solution to establish data interaction will solve an issue.

API2Cart appears to be an online service that provides single API to connect with 30+ shopping carts

Magento with all versions and editions is in the list of supported platforms as well. It’s easy to manipulate with products, customers, orders, categories and other related info via API2Cart. Lately announced, API2Cart has added new API methods while Magento integration. For now on it’s possible to delete products and update categories in the stores. Online service providers are now able to provide its customers with enhanced solutions for their online trade.

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