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APJ Solicitors' Are Helping Clients with Claims for Mis-Sold Guinness Mahon SIPP Compensation


Warrington, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2019 -- APJ Solicitors' team of experts has legal expertise in mis-sold SIPPs, and has seen a rise in clients looking for help with Guinness Mahon SIPP compensation. Following five separate preliminary cases being ruled in the favour of claimants by the Financial Ombudsman Service since June 2018, more claimants have come forward believing that they, too, have been unfairly treated by Guinness Mahon . APJ Solicitors' experienced team of pensions scheme experts can help clients to claim compensation based on the financial loss they have incurred as a result of Guinness Mahon accepting high risk investments that were unsuitable as a pension investment.

Guinness Mahon compensation could be due to more clients, as there were 230 SIPP applications accepted by the company through an unregulated introducer called Avacade alone between May 2014 and September 2015. APJ Solicitors' team of professionals can help clients looking for advice about Guinness Mahon compensation they may be entitled to as a result of making an investment during this period.

APJ Solicitors is currently helping clients with claims for mis-sold Guinness Mahon SIPP compensation, after the FOS criticised the lack of formal agreements made between Guinness Mahon and intermediaries. Based in Surrey, The Guinness Mahon Trust Corporation offers SIPP Services to a wide range of customers in accordance with FCA regulations. APJ Solicitors' team has been dealing with an increased number of claims for Guinness Mahon SIPP.

The team of SIPP compensation experts at APJ Solicitors is experienced at providing legal support and advice to clients looking to get Guinness Mahon SIPP compensation. Their insight into the pensions sector makes them well-placed to discuss compensation claim options for each individual client case.

Anthony Wilson, MD of APJ Solicitors, commented, "For many years, investors have been persuaded to invest significant sums into different SIPP investments. These investments were often positioned by advisors to be lucrative, but in reality were far riskier than they appeared. From ethical forestry investments through to luxury hotels, investors were persuaded to use SIPP investments as a vehicle to gamble their money. With the promise of significant – supposedly guaranteed – returns, investors were not informed of the huge risks associated with these non-standard investments. Many firms or individual brokers failed to consider the individual circumstances of their clients. APJ Solicitors have been helping to assist victims of SIPP mis-selling to recover compensation."

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