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Apnacomplex Launches Gatekeeper, an Android Visitor Tracking App for Apartment Complexes

Gatekeeper, an innovative Android based visitor tracking system, has been launched for apartment complexes and gated communities by ApnaComplex. The app has effectively filled the gap in the gate security system in community living.


Bangalore, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2014 -- ApnaComplex has announced the launch of Gatekeeper, an Android based visitor tracking system designed for apartment complexes and gated communities. An innovative solution to support protection, it is fast, easy to use, secure and economical. The app works online as well as offline enabling the administrators to handle situations when internet connectivity becomes a problem.

“The solution provides an easy interface to the security staff. For instance, access to the app is controlled by PIN number in place of complex passwords. The software can record visitors, while automatically pre-populating details of frequent visitors based on the mobile number. A verification code is sent to the visitor’s phone number to ensure the number’s validity. Guards can also take capture a picture of the visitor’s vehicle or visitor,” commented a senior executive with the company.

The system enables the guards quickly look up residents of the apartment the visitor is meeting. An SMS can be sent to the residents with details of visitors to obtain their approval. The software can be used to generate visitors’ pass and record exits, which is an important part of the security system. What makes Gatekeeper stand out is its ability to run offline and sync up with the master database when internet connection is available.

Gatekeeper requires internet connection at the time of installation to populate the client side application with master data. The executive added, “Once set up, the app does not need internet. If you have decided not to provide internet access to security staff for certain reasons, it will never be an issue. When the device is taken to internet enabled vicinity such as society office, the software will initiate sync up of the visitors to the server.”

The administrators can set the privileges for the guards. They can use the software to view the community directory, registered vehicles and history of guest activity. The app effectively fills the gap in the gate security system in community living. Visit to know more about apartment management software.

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ApnaComplex is a path-breaking facility management solution for residential and commercial complexes. Launched in May 2010, ApnaComplex has quickly grown to be quite popular among apartment associations and property developers. It is one of the products that were showcased in NASSCOM list of top SaaS solutions. Know more about facility maintenance software they offer.

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