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Continuous Research and Development to Achieve Desired Clinical Results Leads to the Growth of Apoptosis Market

Apoptosis Market - Industry Forecast and Analysis 2019


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/11/2016 -- Apoptosis is a programmed natural process of cell death in the body which results from natural stimuli in order to protect against viral infection, unusual cell division and cells with damaged genetic material. However malfunctioning of apoptosis can trigger uncontrolled and non regulated cell death related to degenerative disorders such as Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's. Defective apoptosis process has been one of the most common and leading causes for cancer wherein the affected cells instead of undergoing apoptosis continue to proliferate and mutate. Thus development of apoptosis modulating drugs has recently been witnessing spectacular growth in the treatment for cancer, CNS diseases, and chronic inflammation or autoimmunity disorders.

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The global apoptosis market is categorized by:

Drug class and consumables

-Direct apoptogens
-First generation indirect apoptogens
-Second generation indirect apoptogens
-Reagents and kits


-Neurodegenerative diseases

Currently, North America dominates the global apoptosis market and is followed by Europe due to existence of huge potential for apoptosis modulating therapeutics and rising popularity of targeted cancer therapy. Emerging economies of Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa are also expected to undergo rapid growth in the apoptosis market due to the rising incidences of cancer and unmet treatment needs in such developing regions.

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The major factors driving the global market for apoptosis include continuous research and development in this field to achieve desired clinical results and thereby meet clinical needs in diseases such as cancer, focus on targeted cancer therapeutics and the need to overcome drug resistance.

Some of the key players contributing to the apoptosis market include Abbott Laboratories, Inc., Aegera Therapeutics, Inc., Amgen, Inc., Bioniche Life Sciences, Inc., Chromo Therapeutics Limited, EntreMed, Inc., Genta, Inc., Infinity Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Novartis Limited, Pfizer, Inc., Xigen SA and Zentaris GmbH.