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Apovoe Opens for Business with Quality E-Cig Products


Spotsylvania, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/03/2014 -- When compared to e cig offerings by competitors, it is not hard to see why newcomer Apovoe is quickly taking over the vapor cigarette at market. Apovoe offers quality products, excellent customer service and extremely low prices when compared to other e cig at companies.

Apovoe began as most successful small businesses do: with an idea. Founder Bradley Cheney wanted to provide the very best in wholesale electronic cigarettes by cultivating relationships with vendors around the world. He could then offer his e cig wholesale products to the public at reduced prices. According to Cheney: “My personal beliefs are that e cigs are better for you than tobacco cigs and I don’t feel the customers should get gouged in the process of doing something better for their health.”

Apovoe is not only concerned with lowering the price of e cigarette products, however. The company hopes to become one that offers true wholesale opportunities to retail vendors, filling a void that currently exists in the e-cigarette market.

For the best customer service, quality e-cigarette products and future expansion into wholesale markets, Apovoe is a company to watch.

About Apovoe
Apovoe began with one goal: to become the most recognized name in e-cigarette vending. In just a short time, this company has soared to the top of its market niche and plans to expand as sales continue to climb. Apovoe is poised to become the next big name in e-cig vending.

For More Information:
Bradley Cheney
Apovoe LLC
7233 Towles Mill Rd.
Spotsylvania, VA 22551
(540) 903-0354