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App Developer AppNerds Launch Amazing Brick Friends 3D, a Free New Arcade Game


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/26/2015 -- App Development Company AppNerds has recently launched a game titled Amazing Brick Friends 3D for iPhone and Android platform phones. The newly released game is an arcade game which allows player to play the favorite cube jump game in 3D with super hero character friends.

AppNerds educated players about the gameplay: "It's been said to be the most addictive game since angry birds. Superhero Fans, Amazing Brick Friends 3D is finally here. Play the Amazing Brick, Cube Jump, Ball Jump game in 3D with Super Friend Characters! Choose your favorite Amazing Friends Super Hero character and start doing the geometry dash through our challenging 3D Maze obstacle course! It is like being maze runner but you are a cube."

The developers claim that they have prepared the game to be simple yet challenging for the players to ensure hours of addictive game play. Despite the recent launch of the game it has successfully managed to accumulate over 26 5 stars ratings on Google play alone and multiple positive reviews from players. Arafat Ali writes: "Really addictive. Suddenly my friend joy suggested playing the game. I played and played... That is amazing."

Damie69, an iPhone user wrote in his review: "Insanely addictive, I think it's even more addictive than angry birds."

Other users have praised the quality of graphics and animations.

According to the developers, they have designed to go with a cube jumping game concept because it brings together elements from some of the well-known smart phone games, as well as super hero elements that most people love. Nowadays people are increasingly reliant on various games and app as the new source of entertainment, smartphones accompany their users almost everywhere which gives them the capability to entertain themselves anywhere and at any time they desire. The simple yet challenging game play can be enjoyed by people of all ages due to its concept. Launch Amazing Brick Friends 3D is available for download on Google play for Android and App store for iPhone for free.



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