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App Developers UK Reveals Mobile App Push Notifications to Engage Consumers launches new webinar to educate businesses about "push notifications" and mobile apps


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/11/2014 -- Writing for the website, columnist Natasha Clark makes it clear that the development of mobile applications is necessary for businesses to make strides in the consumer marketplace. Natasha Clark explains, "The use of a mobile app is the best way to develop a more profitable business. A mobile app can increase traffic to your sales effort in particular with younger consumers. The price of your entry into the world of mobile applications need not be steep, but it should encompass new trends and emerging mobile technologies."

Ms. Clark wants companies to know that a portion of their advertising budget should be spent on a well-designed app that can be accessed from a smart phone or mobile device. She adds, "Leaders in the field of marketing, promotions and advertising are beginning to latch onto this trend. It has been found that by the end of 2014, the amount spent on mobile advertising in the UK will overtake that budgeted for newspaper advertising."

Natasha Clark concludes, "Unfortunately as of last year, only 50% of active businesses have a website that is optimized for mobile usage or a mobile app showcasing their product. While they may feel that a mobile app might be intimidating to large groups of consumers, statistics say otherwise."

Meeting the needs of the business world to develop and enhance their mobile app strategy is the goal App Developers UK. Spokesperson Andrew Knight describes their mission as such, "We are an app development company in London that wishes to give companies of all sizes the distinct advantage that custom mobile app technology brings to the consumer marketplace."

Mr. Knight continues, "With our expertise, mobile apps for small businesses can reach their customers to both enlighten them about upcoming events and allow them to participate as they would at a brick-and-mortar shopping location. Increasingly your customers will use an app dedicated to your company before making the trip to shop or engage on an in-person basis."

Andrew Knight wants companies to know how App Developers UK is working to educate businesses about such mobile app technologies as push notification. Mr. Knight explains, " announces new push notification training for small businesses who want to combine their corporate branding with custom apps. Push notification can be used to receive feedback customers and be able to respond to them immediately."

He further adds, "When you add push notification to your mobile app, you also have the advantage of being able to track the outcome of any ongoing mobile campaign between yourself and your customers. All of this is achieved by the use of tabs that are specific to each app for use on Apple, Android and those websites that are mobile responsive. This presents an excellent ROI, as you can engage your customer in real-time. This is why we offer a webinar, as well as a no-cost consultation to give businesses an idea of what they can easily achieve."

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