App Seeks to Tap Collective Consciousness

Tech developer seeks crowdfunding for app to take scientific experiment on consciousness to global level.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2014 -- Adam Michael Curry is trying to expand consciousness experiment beyond a lab or college campus to include the entire world. He’s launched a crowdfunding campaign,, for a smartphone app to do just that.

In short, he wants to see if the human mind can affect reality. Really.

"I'm fascinated by big ideas like the Singularity, and whether the Internet is becoming conscious," Curry recently to the Huffington Post, . “The Collective Consciousness app is an audacious project, but I believe in asking big questions. And the benefits could be huge. This project may force us to confront the deeper interconnection between everyone and everything. That could forever change our society."

The minds-affecting-reality concept has been examined in Science Fiction and more recently by serious scientists including a Nobel prize winner. In the scientific field, this research is called mind-matter interaction.

Curry’s proposed app will bring this kind of research and experimenting to the masses. Once finished, the app will be free. Mr. Curry said it needs to be free so more people will participate in this massive experiment.

"I want to build a platform for other creators to tap into global consciousness data, to do things we can only imagine now. I want to enable other developers to use consciousness technology in their own apps. I can even imagine art installations, concerts, or buildings tapping into this global consciousness. The Internet has different layers; Facebook is the social layer, Foursquare is the location layer, etc. Ultimately I want to build the consciousness layer of the Internet."

The app turns a smartphone into a random number generator. Curry hopes  smartphone owners running the app can prove they can affect how the numbers are generated and which numbers come up.

Proponents of mass meditation have often claimed to be able to affect the world. This kind of science could prove those claims to be true.

Contribution levels start at $5 which gives the person an invite to a formal experiment conducted through the app. At the $5K level, a contributor gets a “Mind Lamp” which changes to the color a person is thinking about. This is based on the same technology Curry is using for the app. The top level, $10,000, gets a tour of the Institute of Noetic Science's campus and lab, a private lunch with Cassandra Vieten, the President of IONS, a Mind Lamp, 3 autographed books, admission to Curry’s talks, badge, and invite.

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