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Apphawks Is Offering Dedicated Software Testing Services in Poland


Poznan, Poland -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/25/2019 -- Apphawks offers dedicated Software QA Testers for their in-house delivery team, and they work as the long arm of their client's startup or business in close ongoing collaboration and flexible working hours' model. Developing a software product or service faces many different and sometimes difficult challenges, such as bug tracking. Still, at Apphawks, they pay close attention to all of the details as well as to UX/UI design for better customer experience. With these clear goals, the founders at Apphawks are aiming to become a trusted and innovative software testing firm for clients in Europe and the United States. Individuals interested in a career with Apphawks or they would like to learn more about the services, please contact them anytime.

"Considering current day scenarios, it is pretty evident that e-commerce websites are nothing unknown to any of them," said the company spokesperson. "Every individual's smartphone will have one or more e-commerce applications in it, which they frequently use as well. There is already wide variety of software existing in the world that people often get confused about what to use and what not to. In such a situation, if a company plans to launch new e-commerce software, they need to incorporate a lot of effort to stand out in the crowd because the current scenario is very much saturated. If a website inherits any malfunctioning aspect or bugs or is incapable of serving correctly to the clients, it will be immediately discarded by the company's targeted audiences."

Manual Testing Services are conducted to check the application as per the point-of-view of the end-users. Manual testing renders good user experience, and, at the same time, the company can present its competent skills in delivering a high-quality product. Apphawks offers the best manual testing services, which play an essential role in the QA processes of the product or software. They help their clients in putting forward a more stable and higher quality product. They offer them competent testing services for desktop, mobile, or web applications.

"While conducting structured exploratory testing for e-Commerce, there are multiple areas which people tend to ignore," said the company spokesperson. "Yet these are the points which decide whether exploratory testing is going to bring any fruitful result or not. We will be covering that in the next part, providing brief information about the places where testers should pay attention and verify the presence of bugs."

Apphawks approach helps its clients to benefit from software automated testing not only by increasing efficiency but also cutting overall cost and improving product quality. They believe automation can have a significant impact on the reliability of their clients' software. They can offer proper feedback so that clients can make the right decisions on their products. To ensure everything transparent and understandable, they provide reliable software testing documentation for the automated test.

About Apphawks
Apphawks is a software testing house based in Poland. Their services include automation testing, manual testing, and documentation. They provide dedicated Software QA Testers for the in-house delivery team, and they work as the long-term arm of their startup or business in close ongoing collaboration (full time, daily standups, etc.) and flexible working hours' model.

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