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Appiloque Announces Revamped, Enhanced Digital Marketing Package

New Trendsetter Combo packs even more value and effectiveness into a simple product publishes Appiloque Pte


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/12/2014 -- Appiloque, a leading digital marketing and web development agency, announced marked enhancements to its most popular product. The company's Trendsetter Combo, a package of services aimed at improving the brand awareness and online visibility of businesses, has been augmented in several important ways. The newly revised package will deliver even more value to customers who take advantage of it and stands as one of the most cost-effective digital marketing solutions in Singapore.

"At Appiloque, we truly live by our slogan of 'Simple. Swift. Transparent'," company founder Joey Wang said, "and our updated Trendsetter Combo embodies those ideals perfectly. There is no simpler, quicker way for businesses to equip themselves with impressively effective digital marketing campaigns." Like others of the agency's offerings, the updated package includes everything needed to establish and execute a highly productive digital marketing initiative. Each campaign begins with an in-depth strategy session, conducted under the guidance of a dedicated brand manager, which outlines the actions to be taken. The brand manager continues working with the client as a number of attention-grabbing posts are crafted and uploaded every week, while sophisticated analytics are used to gauge the effectiveness of the efforts.

"We work fast, and we make things easy," Wang continued, "and we're also the most transparent marketing agency around. We're upfront about our pricing and services, so our clients never have to wonder where they stand. We can afford to be so generous because we know that we can deliver, no matter what the situation." Although effective digital marketing is generally thought of as a prerequisite for successful modern businesses, some agencies in the industry have developed a reputation for being secretive and difficult to work with. Appiloque was founded in part to break from this mold, and the company's fundamental direction has always emphasized transparency. It is one of a very few such agencies in the world to freely publicize its pricing, for example, and it is similarly forthcoming about the exact nature and extent of the services it provides.

These traits have made it the digital marketing agency Singapore businesses increasingly turn to first. With the mounting centrality of social media networks in the lives of individuals as well as the estimation of search engine indexers, its expert Facebook marketing services have experienced extremely high levels of demand. It offers a full range of other options, too, including ground-up website development, site monitoring, SEO services, and assistance with online events. Clients who take advantage of the company's newly augmented and extremely affordable Trendsetter Combo can be assured of benefiting from complete, expertly designed, digital marketing campaigns that are tailored to the needs of their brands and businesses.

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A cutting-edge leader in Singapore's booming digital marketing sector, Appiloque focuses on providing simple, transparent service that moves at the lightning-like speed of the Internet. The company's formidable capabilities and customer-focused approach have made it one of the most prominent in the country, and it continues to strive to set the bar even higher.