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Apple Ipad Giveaway Goes Viral-- Crowdfunderways.com


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/01/2013 -- Crowdfunderways.com is a crowd funding website that guides people on the topic of crowd funding and help them find prospective backers for their project. Crowd funding is a process of crowd financing where people put in effort to pool their money and support a cause/project initiated by another individual. Crowdfunderways.com is an online discussion forum that contains an array of information, tips, tricks, latest news about the crowd funding market.

Since the launch of the site, it has been buzzing with users discussing on various crowd funding topics. The current economic condition around the world has made various organizations and businesses to slumber and struggle for survival. People are hesitant and also lack funds to launch new projects and businesses.

Crowd funding has become the ultimate solution for new projects to see the light. Small organizations that have been sinking are helped by crowd funding to stay afloat. Through crowd funding, a project or business is basically funded by the public. Unlike other funding processes where traditional investors act as funders to help a project, crowd funding is funded by the general public who wish to provide support and back up for a project.

There are 3 participants involved in crowd funding: The one in need of funds, the one who funds, and the platform where these two come together. Crowdfunderways.com acts as a meeting point for all these 3 participants to talk and discuss online. The forum has also been accessed by people looking forward to know about crowd financing to get an idea about how it might help them. Crowd funder ways has been of tremendous help for people who are new to the world of crowd financing.

Crowd funder ways has recently announced an apple iPad giveaway which went viral minutes after the announcement was made. The site reportedly got 2 million hits in just a week. The site is being flooded by curious users who are eventually registering to become a part of the crowd financing world.

To enter the apple Ipad giveaway:
- People willing to enter the iPad give away should sign up with the site
- No age limitation, however participants must be registered on the site
- Referring a friend or family member to the site will increase the chance of winning the giveaway
- The giveaway period is for ‘One month’ only and users are required to register on the site within this time limit

Owning to the increase in traffic on the site, people are provided with a treasure load of information about crowd funding. People with new projects are getting on the site to seek advice from experts. Nearly 80 users have successfully launched their projects in the past 3 months on various platforms with the help they received from crowd funder ways. The site also offers premium eBooks on crowd funding that contains unique articles. These articles are exclusive and cannot be accessed anywhere else on the internet. Prospective funders have also found the site very helpful as they have gained knowledge about how to fund on legitimate and safe projects. There are hundreds of crowd funding platforms online, but people are confused about picking the right platform. Crowd funder ways family gives appropriate information to people about legitimate sites, how to increase funding and how to attract pledges on their project.

Registering with the site is free and users can also login through their facebook or twitter accounts. As the period of giveaway lasts for only a month, participants are required to sign up with the site as soon as possible. Referring others to sign up on the site will increase the chance of winning the iPad. As the site can be accessed internationally, users are getting information, tips and advice on crowd funding from people all over the world.

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