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Apple Is Testing Larger Screen for iPhone and iPad

According to Wall Street Journal’s post, Apple is now testing larger screens for iPhone and iPad. Maybe a larger screen for iPad is not a smart decision, but for iPhone, a larger screen has been waited for a long time.


Shenzhen, Guangdong -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/23/2013 -- Wall Street Journal posted an AP about Apple testing larger screens, “People at Apple's suppliers said it asked for prototype smartphone screens larger than its current iPhone in recent months”. The current 4-inch iPhone screen is not about to meet customers’ needs anymore. In the first quarter, Apple won the second place in the smartphone market share of 17.9%, while its biggest rival, Samsung owned the first place of 33.1%. Apple needs to change its marketing strategy, although Apple still leads the tablet market, its smartphone lacks new product or designs to attract customers.

According to WSJ, the screens under testing are larger than current 4 and 9.7 inches. The larger iPhone screen may be in great need, but a larger iPad screen (13 inches maybe) is probably not a smart decision. Tablets now in the market tend to be small and handful, so a big 13-inch iPad may not be the customers’ needs. As Apple always emphasizes the customers’ experience, so a large screen iPad may be against its aim. However for iPhone, a larger screen is a benefit for the iPhone users. The 4-inch iPhone 5 is cool, but not big enough for games or videos. So iPhone users are expecting that Apple can release more smartphones various in sizes. After all, Samsung has released all kinds of smartphones.

The smartphone war is becoming fiercer. iPhone, Android phones, Windows phones are sharing the smartphone market now, so iPhone is no longer the only one. Samsung and Nokia have released lines of new products, but Apple is not likely to release its new products until this autumn. The android Jelly Bean has been updated to 4.3, but iOS 7 was just in a beta version. So Apple needs to make a change, and its new design for iPhone and iPad screen may attract customers’ attention again. If customers are going to buy new Apple products in the autumn, it will be better if they have backed up their data in iPad or iPhone to computer.

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook said that a line of new products would be released in this autumn. Will there be any surprises?

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