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Apple TV 3 1080p Untethered Jailbreak Software Announced by ATV3 Jailbreak News Channel

Countdown To Apple TV 3 Jailbreak Software - Untethered Application


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/07/2012 -- Great news for Apple Tv 3 owners that can finally tell it’s the holiday season as the good news keep on coming for Apple TV customers. After numerous attempts and trials, ATV 3 Jailbreak News Channel developers have finally managed to produce an untethered Apple TV 3 jailbreak. According to the company developers are performing the final tests on the hacking software which is due to be released very soon.

None of the Apple TV 3 jailbreaks that were released until now has been perfect. The software of the device could rarely be breached and the available Seas0nPass programs had one drawback or another. We have managed to release one of the best beta versions for Apple TV 3, but the jailbreak was tethered.

Thanks to the new untethered Apple TV 3 jailbreak customers no longer have to connect your digital media receiver to your computer in order to boot it. You can finally relax and forget about your battery charger because shutting down your device will trigger no unwanted consequences.

Rebooting your Apple TV 3 is now easier than ever thanks to our new untethered jailbreak. All you have to do if you ever want to reboot your device is to turn it on and proceed as usual without worrying about any computer connections.

ATV 3 Jailbreak News Channel guarantees that the untethered Apple TV 3 jailbreak is perfectly functional. In fact, developers are performing numerous tests because they want to make sure that the version they will release is really the best Apple customers can find.

As soon as the tests will be completed, the hacking software will be published on official website and it will be available for download in the ATV 3 Featured News category. Developers declare that they cannot provide an exact date for the release of the program, but sure to stick around and visit the website as often as possible. The untethered Apple TV 3 jailbreak seems to be just a few days away.