John Colston

Apple TV 3 Jailbreak Bounty Released: First to Deliver the Solution Gets 2500 and Future Donations


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2013 -- Apple TV 3 currently sells for $99 in the Apple official store. It works with a core A5 chip, the very same iPhone 5 and the latest iPad have too. And it’s also the very same that has been giving iOS jailbreakers headaches over the past few months. In combination with iOS 6, the A5 chip has limited security exploits, but those who know where to look, found not one but several of these vulnerabilities. has been testing and retesting exploits for weeks now, but being understaffed and self-funded, the team has been having a hard time identifying those few hacks that will work.

Along the way, Mike Davies the team leader has requested fans and fellow jailbreakers to help with the project, by announcing new tasks via the AppleTV3Jailbreak website. Fans and jailbreakers have helped with .ipsw files, atv2 root files, donations and even TV3 simulations, not to mention the beta testing project that currently counts 107,996 people.

To speed up things and hopefully release the public jailbreak code for ATV3 by the end of May, Mike Davies has announced the launch of a bounty worth $2500 that will go to the one that comes up with the jailbreak. The condition is to offer the Apple TV 3 jailbreak for free. Developers are even willing to offer all Future Donations Credits. community reached the conclusion that a $2500 bounty for the ATV3 jailbreak will help things move faster, hoping it will help put an end to readers’ frustration about how slow the process has been lately. That doesn’t mean the dev-team will stop working on their own ATV3 jailbreak.

Mike Davies and his colleagues will continue to test and find hacks that will allow the user to actually unbox and use their Apple TV. Developers are also preparing a series of How To articles designed for ATV1, ATV2 and ATV3, that will help owners make the most of their devices.

To read more about how to get involved in the Apple TV 3 jailbreak development project and what are the requirements for the $2500 bounty please visit

Mike Davies and his small dev-team have partnered up with Ironclad Integrity Unlimited Ltd. earlier this year for the development of Apple TV 3 jailbreak. The public release was expected for the middle of May, but recent progress found new exploits that developers have to test extensively. The $2500 bounty is developers’ way of motivating people to get involved with their project and speed up the public code release.