John Colston

Apple TV 3 Jailbreak Update: Developers Join Hands for ATV3 Jailbreak

Developers at Ironclad Integrity Ltd. have joined hands on to work for the production of the much-awaited Apple TV 3 jailbreak.


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2013 -- Ironclad Integrity Ltd., a well-known name in the software industry, published a new message on inviting people to take part in the production of the jailbreaking program. The invitation was welcomed by all tech lovers around the world because everybody is anxious to get in full control of their digital media receiver.

Great progress was registered ever since the announcement was first published on the website. Contributors are now extracting encryption keys from keybag files so the software would work with the Apple’s third generation of streaming player. This process is the most difficult and tedious because it requires a lot of data verification that cannot be performed by one person alone.

Mike Davies, the coordinator of the Apple Tv 3 jailbreak project has been working at the software ever since the device was released on the market. Although he could take care of this project on his own, he invited other developers to test encryption files to speed up the process and, hopefully, manage to make the jailbreak available in a month or two.

There are two ways people can contribute to this project. They can either join Mike Davies’ group and test encryption files or they can simply make a small donation in a designated account to help developers carry on with their work. Both their contributions will be highly appreciated by people working at the website.

Several versions of the ATV3 jailbreak have already been produced by engineers who want to create the best software. As soon as the encryption files are tested, the team will perform many more tests to see if the software is compatible with the third-generation of Apple Tv or not. The recent upgrades that the Cupertino company performed on its iOS operating system have slowed down the team’s work. It appears that the upgrade is blocking some of the files in the jailbreak, so developers are now working to find a good solution.

Jailbreaking the Apple Tv3 is an optional, not a mandatory process. However, many more users want to get full access of their devices because there are many more advantages they can benefit of. Owners will have access to an unlimited number of online channels, they will be able to customize the appearance of their digital media receiver according to their preferences and they will be able to program their gadget to display the information they are interested in.