John Colston

Apple TV3 Jailbreak Inaugurates New Website Category for How-to Articles, Troubleshooting and Product Reviews


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/23/2013 -- According to Apple TV is an exciting piece of device with specs that become more appealing with every new release.

When Apple TV 1st generation was released, in 2007, it was the first glimpse at a comfort provider media fans and mobile devices’ owners would grow to wait anxiously for a new update or release. Early 2013, six years later, Apple released the ATV 3.2 device, the fourth in the series and a slightly tweaked version of the ATV 3, the 2012 model that is finally hinting at what the future holds for this kind of devices.

Soon after the 2012 release, the appeal for Apple TV has increased significantly and the device’s new features have convinced a team of fans and software developers to put together the Apple Tv Jailbreak website, which has fast become a reliable source of daily news and reviews for the ATV fan and user. Earlier this week, the website has introduced a new category to its area of expertise, delivering daily How-to articles, responding to bug reports and providing troubleshooting for common ATV issues of all generations.

The new website category also includes comprehensive reviews of all ATV generations (ATV 1st generation, ATV 2nd generation, ATV 3rd generation - 3 and 3.2), reports about upcoming product releases and easy-to-read explanations for how new features can enhance the user’s experience.

There are product comparisons for those considering the differences between Apple TV 2 and Apple TV 3, full tech specs presentations and articles that aim to introduce the user to the full experience the device can offer. There’s a special interest on providing users with tips and tricks that they might not be aware of, as well as explaining what are the advantages of a jailbreak.

Tutorials include anything from beginner guides on how to set up the device, activate home sharing and Airplay Mirroring to more expert how-to on how to jailbreak the devices and how to install third-party apps for added functionality and content.

About website was released following avid interest for a permanently updated source of information, news, reviews and troubleshooting for Apple TV 1st generation, Apple TV 2nd generation and Apple TV 3rd generation. The team in charge with content development, consists of members of the jailbreaking community, experts in troubleshooting for Apple TV devices and avid users themselves of the device.