Apple Unlocker Announces AT&T Factory Unlock for iPhone 4/4S


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/27/2012 -- iPhone 4/4S phone users can now freely choose what carrier they want to use their phone with. Service providers who want to limit the user’s choice of carrier for marketing purposes have met their match: the first Apple Unlocker released through the website

Apple’s iPhone 4/4S are locked unless bought originally factory unlocked from Apple. Unlocking simply means one can use any SIM card provider such as TMobile or any GSM provider in the world for their handheld units. Until now, no unlocking software was available.

“Unlocking allows the customer to freely choose what carrier they can use the phone with. It is 100 % legal, and provides the customer with choice,” said Mark M., creator of the first Apple Unlocker for iPhone 4/4S released through the website “Unlocking an iPhone will not void the warranty on the unit from Apple. Unlocking enables the phone to take any worldwide GSM SIM card and use the phone on any network. It is not to be confused with Jailbreaking.” Jailbreaking is a term used to describe the process of opening up an iPhone operating system for downloading of applications, extensions, and themes that are unavailable through the official Apple Apps Store. 

“Finally, a service for AT&T customers that costs $155. In a few days The iPhone will be unlocked. Meaning the customer can switch carriers, as they choose,” said Mark M., owner and operator of the website an several other successful and widely used unlocking websites.

Apple Unlocker leads the industry offering unlocking software solutions for iPhones and is a permanent solution for AT&T iPhone customers regardless of the phone’s software version. Aside from the Apple Unlocker, the company has also been offering Jailbreak solutions for iPhone customers for several years. The wide range of solutions includes upgrades in technology, software with video guides, tutorials and hardware solutions.

The system has been used on iPhones in countries all over the world. The company now guarantees that their system will unlock most any iPhone model and firmware upgrade. User’s have the advantage of trying the ingenious unlock system with the company’s 100% risk free offer by visiting