Joe Bragg Promises to Respond to Online Homeowner Loan Applications in Just 45 Minutes


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/18/2013 -- When it comes to finding homeowner loans, some homeowners can go directly to a bank, while others have to find financing from other sources. In some cases, borrowing from other sources can be more affordable than the rates offered by banks, and some homeowners find that their secured loans come with a number of other unique benefits that they cannot get from a bank.

At, visitors will learn why homeowners across the United Kingdom are choosing to apply for secured homeowner loans online. Homeowner loans simply require the applicant to own some sort of property of value. Money is borrowed against the value of this property, making it easy for homeowners to take out cash to pay for renovations, emergency expenses, or even a vacation.

The website is dedicated to connecting homeowners with fair-priced homeowners’ loans. The site features a simple calculator where visitors can input their amount needed, their approximate credit rating, and the length of the loan. Then, the website outputs the estimated monthly payment amount for that loan.

If homeowners like the amount they see, they can complete the entire homeowner loan application. As a spokesperson for explains, the application can be completed in as little as two minutes:

“Our application form is designed to be as simple and efficient as possible. It asks for basic personal details of the applicant and can be completed in about two minutes. The real value of our form, however, is with our fast decision-making process. We make a decision on the status of that loan within just 45 minutes, making it easy for homeowners to see the specific rate they can access.”

Those who are uneasy about applying for homeowner financing online can also call a number listed on the website. That helpline is available 7 days a week from 9am to 8pm, making it easy for those seeking homeowner financing to secure the right loan.

As the website’s spokesperson explains, many homeowners are surprised to learn how affordable homeowner financing can be:

“Homeowner loans are an easy and affordable way to instantly borrow cash. Those with good credit ratings can access very low rates, while those with poor credit ratings are surprised by how comparatively affordable this form of lending can be, which makes sense considering that lenders are borrowing money against the value of a concrete asset - their home.”

In addition to homeowner loans, the website offers bridging loan, insurance, and mortgages. Those interested in applying for any type of financing can visit the website for more information.

About is a UK homeowner financing website. The site features a simple homeowner loans calculator that allows visitors to input the amount of financing they need along with their credit rating and borrowing period. For more information, please visit: