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AppPointment Launches to Provide Social Media Integration for Appointment Making Small Businesses


Victoria, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2013 -- Facebook’s success as a business is having little effect on its success as a social media platform, with the online networking tool proving largely ubiquitous throughout the developed world. Leveraging the power of this social tool for businesses is the new challenging facing the format, and AppPointment may well be a huge step in the right direction. Small businesses who already have a Facebook page to engage with their service users can now install AppPointment in order to let their customers make appointments, bookings and more from within the social network space.

The app is scheduling software designed to make accessing businesses easier than ever, overcoming one major previous limitation of Facebook pages for businesses- the lack of true opportunities for real engagement. Up until now Facebook business pages have largely been for advertisements and the occasional incentive; now they can be used as a portal for customers just like the phone line or email.

AppPointment are celebrating their launch with a thirty day free trial in order to entice businesses to integrate their bookings with their Facebook pages and see the difference it can make to their turnover in real terms. The app already includes a wide variety of built in features including a loyalty reward system and the ability to redeem exclusive coupons and vouchers.

A spokesperson for AppPointment explained, “In a world where technology is making everything instantaneous, it’s pretty glaring that the height of interactivity on a Facebook page is just listing a website or phone number. This fails to take advantage of the impulses individuals have when browsing. It may be too much effort for them to spend time navigating to a website and finding the email or to look up the number and call, but if they’re already on Facebook and want a facial for instance, they can book one in moments without skipping a beat. This streamlining appointment booking software opportunity built into Facebook is what should be exciting business owners everywhere.”

About AppPointment
AppPointment is a new type of application for a Facebook business page that allows small businesses to harness the power of social media to help them grow and expand their business. By giving customers 24/7 access to their business, clients allow their service users to make bookings, appointments, buy and deliver gift vouchers, send and receive discount coupons and much more through Facebook. For more information, please visit: