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This web press release is a note to the readers that Apps For Time, LLC has recently partnered with The Aasgaard Company for developing an iPhone application called Starting Strength Warmup.


Wichita Falls, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/14/2012 -- Apps For Time, LLC is a popular iPhone application development company in United States. It is important to know that Apps For Time, LLC and The Aasgaard Company have collaborated on the Starting Strength Warmup iPhone application in order to provide the best strength warmup routine possible. The Starting Strength Warmup iPhone application was created on the basis of Mark Rippetoe’s book titled “Starting Strength”. Moreover, the latest release of Starting Strength Warmup will help users identify whether they have achieved a proper warmup up before strength training.

We are pleased to inform you that the application will calculate back squat, bench press, power cleans, press and deadlift. The Starting Strength Warmup iPhone application is very portable allowing the users to easily bring it with them to the gym. Users will never wonder what weight to use for warm-up again. This allows a user to focus on the workout and not performing math for weight calculations.

Apps for Time, LLC employs experienced professionals who have extensive knowledge in the field of custom software development and design. The developers are also users of the applications they produce which results in detailed, personal attention to their products. Other iPhone projects completed by Apps For Time, LLC include Deck Of Cards WOD, Crofton CrossFit, and Starting Strength Warmup. More titles will be available later this year. Also, all projects developed by Apps for Time, LLC will be accompanied by a supporting website. If you are interested in creating your own customer mobile experience, please contact us immediately. We are ready to assist you at anytime.

If you have any questions regarding our applications or special announcements, please visit our official website to gain more information.

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Apps For Time, LLC: The Apps For Time, LLC company uses a variety of communication methods to ensure a smooth relationship with customers and clients. Moreover, the developers of this company have wide-ranging programming experience and they are passionate about providing clean, efficient code.

About The Aasgaard Company
The Aasgaard Company publishes and distributes books and other media that promote the application of science to training and conditioning. The Aasgaard Company also provides training seminars and educational symposia for athletes and strength and conditioning professionals. Our philosophy is based on a recognition of the superiority of free weight and barbell training systems.

Our intent is to maximize the effectiveness of exercise through the use of classic methods of training and quality equipment. The Aasgaard Company is committed to quality products, prompt service, and making you and your athletes stronger. Starting Strength is a registered trademark of The Aasgaard Company.