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San Diego, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/13/2013 -- Smart phone and tablet computers are taking over, and with so many different apps to choose from the days of desktop computers are going away. Now a smart phone or tablet pc is all one needs to connect to friends, take pictures n upload them, listen to music, play games, and watch videos also work on the same device. That is a lot of power in the palm of one’s hands on the go. Newer and better apps emerge almost on a daily basis now a days but unfortunately not all apps are available to all users and not all apps are free to download. People who are looking to download the apps they want for free can trust, this is a free apps store with a wide range of apps all available for download free of cost. features apps for iPhone, iPad, Windows Phones and also the apps for the Android platform. There is a wide range of apps including some of the most desirable and popular ones at the moment. Not getting the app one wants only because of its price is really very annoying and is the most effective way around that problem, apps on the website include genres such as popular games, infotainment apps, social media apps, apps for entertainment and many more. There are free apps to suit everyone’s need. The ZV Store team works hard to ensure that their website features the most comprehensive list of popular smart device apps. New free apps for Apple, Android and Windows devices are uploaded daily. Through this feature users of the website will learn about the current popular apps of a the day, this information will allow them to find the best free android apps out there and also keep up with the various updates of apps which come up periodically and have a great effect on a certain apps performance. Additionally, there is a search tool on the website to help people find the specific apps they want quickly.

To start downloading apps users of the websites have to become ZV store Members for free, this can be done simply by signing up for an account after which they can download all the apps they want freely. After all it is the potential of adding various apps that makes smart phones and mobile platforms so much better than everything else that has come in the past. is a website which all smart phone users should bookmark and visit on a regular basis so they so not miss out on the free apps available on the website.

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