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Apptute Inc. Launches Contacts at Work Mobile App to Assist Employees to Find and Reach Co-Workers on the Go

Contacts @ Work is an employee directory app that lets employees find and reach co-workers from anywhere, and at any time, when they need them the most. Co-workers can be searched by name, department, title or even location. Users can see the colleague’s personal info, photo, teams, manager, direct reports and more. The app shows details in a directory that reflects the structure of the organization. Contacts @ Work is the most secure employee directory available on the market today. Unlike competitors' products, no data is stored or synchronized to servers, mobile devices or to the Cloud.


Santa Clara, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/22/2015 -- Apptute Inc. is pleased to announce the release of its mobile app, Contacts @ Work, which permits employees to find co-workers from anywhere at any time. Contacts can be searched by name, department, location or title. The app offers a new experience as if each employee were holding a company directory in their palm.

The information is retrieved from Active Directory, a widely used directory that stores employee's names, passwords and other critical information. More than 90% of Fortune 500 firms use Active Directory and its presence is even higher in medium to large firms. The app, available on iTunes, (and coming shortly on Google Play), communicates directly with companies' Active Directory servers. Unlike competitors' products, no data is stored or synchronized to servers, mobile devices or to the Cloud. This design offers the most secure architecture to assure customers and companies of the highest level security.

In an increasingly mobile world, professionals may work from home, or elsewhere. Global offices operate in all parts of the world. Hence, more than ever, there is an acute need to find co-workers with the most relevant information. Contacts @ Work app allows co-workers to be easily discovered using the most up-to-date information. It permits calling, texting and emailing from within the app, using a simple tap. Finding groups and conference rooms using different filters is another feature in the app.

Speaking about the features of Contacts@Work, Ben Summers explained, "The app offers me a secure and intuitive way to find my colleagues by name, department, title or location. The information is detailed so that I can quickly grab email addresses, phone numbers or other custom information. I can see their managers, direct reports in a ladder that reflects the structure of the organization. Remembering names and putting faces to them is no longer a problem for me."

Employees have the ability to see when their passwords expire and to manage their own passwords directly from their mobile device. The app also has the ability to upload photos to the directory. Users can edit and update profile data easily and quickly. This includes photos, passwords and other changes to the profile information.

"In a non-automated support model, password reset costs range from $51 (best case) to $147 (worst case) for the labor alone." writes It also mentions "Password reset represents a call volume range of 10% to 30% at the IT service desk."

The app is designed to be used by businesses so that their employees no longer need to clutter their personal address book with work contacts. Access to corporate information is instant, secure and well-organized.

Users who have tried the app are enthusiastic about its features. Anna explained "Now, I know the name of the guy I see in the cafeteria and on my coffee breaks--the one who nods and greets me every time. He is our new project head, David. Those who use the app know my name too, with my picture!"

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Apptute Inc. is a Silicon Valley company founded in 2014. The company plans to create many more intuitive apps for businesses.

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