April 12th: "How to Attract Amazing, Happy Relationships" Free Book Promotion to End Today


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/12/2013 -- April 12th is the final day that “How to Attract Amazing, Happy Relationships”, the best-selling book by acclaimed writer Shannon Jane, is available for free only on Amazon Kindle. The purpose of the three-day advertising promotion is to increase his exposure among target readers and spread the happiness as far as possible.

The book, which can be downloaded at, profoundly yet clearly explains the real meaning of happiness and how to achieve it by changing someone’s way of thinking, attitude and perception. The author discusses tested and tried methods on how to create and maintain happiness in all aspects of relationships; dating, marriage, friendships, family and even career. He also uses a playful writing style, granting the book humor whilst still providing the necessary information. According to Shannon, this is one of the factors that make the book more engaging and a stress-reliever.

For years, Jane’s life has been centered on helping people worldwide to unleash their full potential and create the happiness they deserve in life. He always looks for new adventures that will bring out the best in his well-being and his perception in life. He claims that his passion in helping people to achieve happiness gives him the confidence that the books he writes will be able to help and inspire readers all over the world.

With the 3-day free offer from Jane, it is expected that many readers around the world will grab a copy of How to Attract Amazing, Happy Relationships. He is also confident that potential readers will be interested to grab his other books included in the Start With A Smile series such as Happy Every Day!, How to Talk Your Way to Happiness, How to be Happy with What You’ve Got and The Devil You Know. To provide potential readers with convenience, the author has compiled the five books into one at a discounted price for a limited time only. It can be downloaded at

The author also promises to offer more bonuses in the coming months.

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Author: Shannon Jane
Contact: Melanie Kent
Address: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia