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April Malmsteen, Founder of Rising Force Records, Announces 2013 Tour for Musician Yngwie Malmsteen


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/16/2013 -- April Malmsteen, guitar legend Yngwie Malmsteen’s wife and founder of Rising Force Records, has just announced that her husband will begin touring later this year. The upcoming series of concerts will start soon after Yngwie’s newest album “Spellbound,” is released.

April Malmsteen and Yngwie have both been very busy lately; in addition to planning the 2013 concert dates, April has helped Yngwie land major endorsement deals from world-renowned guitar and amplifier manufacturers Fender, Ovation, Dunlop and Marshall. In addition, the book “Relentless,” which is an autobiography of Yngwie Malmsteen, is scheduled to be published and released in May by Wiley, one of the largest publishers in the world.

Over the years, April Malmsteen—who is also the founder of Malmsteen Management and Medusa Cosmetics—has developed a well-deserved reputation for being a successful woman who knows how to get things done. Her intelligence, common sense and drive have helped her to become a highly recognized name in the music industry. In addition, her knack for developing business and skill as a negotiator has helped April become known as much more than Yngwie Malmsteen’s wife—she is also now regarded as the driving force behind his success.

“Being Yngwie’s wife, Malmsteen learned the music industry at the side of one of the most influential axemen of his time,” an article on April Malmsteen’s website noted, adding that Yngwie’s “Rising Force” album, which was nominated for a Grammy in 1984, created the style referred to as “neoclassical melodic rock.”

“Earlier this year, Malmsteen and Yngwie started a site where other guitarist can learn how to play neoclassical melodic rock from Yngwie himself. The site is already considered the authority on how to play this style.”

In addition to helping her husband with his musical career, April Malmsteen works with other clients. As a music industry professional, she is devoted to helping musicians meet and exceed their goals. She understands that the industry can be challenging to navigate alone, and is dedicated to helping others to succeed, just as she has inspired and assisted her husband.

About April Malmsteen
April Malmsteen, founder of Rising Force Records, Malmsteen Management and Medusa Cosmetics, is among the most visible and successful music industry professionals in the country. Business development prowess, negotiation skills, market knowledge and no-nonsense, results driven approach make her the powerhouse she has become. For more information, please visit http://malmsteenapril.com