Apryle VetMD Hosts Premier Episodic Veterinary Program Best of Pet Care


Pittsburgh, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/08/2016 -- A new one minute episodic program launches in 2016, Best of Pet Care, featuring Apryle Horbal, a veterinarian is also known and Apryle VetMD, an expert in equine dentistry. She is interviewed in each show as the featured veterinary expert examining all aspects of veterinary medicine. Topics will range from veterinary work/life balance, to education; from equine large animal pet care to small animal care. Emergency care will be profiled among many topics throughout 2016. The premier episode video regarding equine dentistry examines extending a horses' life by improving dental care.

The entire episode featuring Apryle VetMD can be watched at: http://youtu.be/2dFHbjxfKz4

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About Apryle Horbal
Apryle VetMD (http://www.ApryleVetMD.com) believes veterinary medicine varies from helping pet owners become more knowledgeable about animals to improving the lives of work horses. Apryle VetMD believes it is important to raise the profile and significance of veterinary medicine so that the public understands the importance of high quality animal healthcare; she subscribes to the concept of One Health, humans, pets, and the environment are all interconnected. She believes improved knowledge of specialty and board-certified qualifications is critical. Significant amounts of time and training are invested in becoming a veterinarian.

Apryle VetMD is an education advocate for pet and animal owners. Improved knowledge of animal owners empowers good decision-making regarding a pet's health. She believes easy access to information is just one of several methods to improve veterinary services. Information will improve customer service and customer education among animal caregivers.

Apryle VetMD believes it is imperative for veterinarians to provide pet owners to receive high quality, evidence-based, technologically innovative medicine for animals locally. This effort will expedite and improve lab services and diagnostic methods available to raise the standard of diagnosis and care. She is passionate about stopping the mistreatment of working equids around the world. She is an advocate for improving the working life of veterinarians. Apryle Horbal is interviewed as the featured expert in a new weekly episodic video program examining all aspects of veterinarian medicine.

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