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APU Manufacturer Parks Industries Partners with Sunset Financial Group to Offer Clients End of Year Tax Incentives

Parks Industries has optimized its customer savings strategy by partnering with Sunset Financial Group to maximize their end of year tax incentives and offer a better deal than ever to customers.


Marion, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2015 -- Parks Industries, LLC, headquartered in Marion, IL, is the sole manufacturer of the HP2000 Auxiliary Power Unit. The HP2000 is unique due to its patented heat pump technology. This super-efficient process provides large amounts of both heating and cooling at a fraction of the cost and componentry of typical APUs that produce similar results. It weighs less, consumes less fuel and cost thousands less than most of its competitors. Now, it is positioned not only to maximize efficiency but value as well, thanks to a new partnership with Sunset Financial Group, not only lowering tax requirements but offering many additional benefits going into 2016.

Parks Industries has recently partnered with the Los Angeles based company, Sunset Financial Group, LLC. Sunset Financial is a proud industry leader in customized equipment lease and financing solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. As a top tier fixture of the industry, they are able to assure their clients that they are providing them with the most economical and advantageous lease and financing options available.

The partnership will provide an avenue for customers to utilize a number of benefits for the 2015 tax season. Most businesses know of the Section 179 tax deduction but there are a number of additional benefits available if purchased before the end of 2015. Purchase an HP2000 Xtreme APU and Sunset Financial offer no payments until 2016. They also have available their "Equipment PLUS Cash" program which offers up to 50% of the equipment purchase price in working capital. Fleets and owner operators alike are taking advantage of this tax savings opportunity while it is still available.

A spokesperson for Parks Industries explained, "As you can see, the partnership between Parks Industries and Sunset Financial has brought a variety of options to save. Parks Industries is offering the HP2000 Xtreme series APU for only $8900 including installation and will include the upgrade to the stainless steel cabinet at no additional charge. This price is contingent of the installation being performed at their corporate facility in Marion, IL. This price includes the installation on most standard trucks and does not include any optional accessories or fabrication if needed."

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Parks Industries is the sole manufacturer of the HP2000 APU. For a complete overview of the HP2000 and benefits of owning the #1 rated APU on the market, contact Matt Throgmorton, VP of Sales and Marketing at Parks Industries by calling 618-215-3735.

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