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Aqua Dental Clinic Offers Unique Approach to Dental Procedures Using Dental Spa


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2014 -- Pearly white teeth are an ambition for many individuals, who want a straightened and uniform set of teeth that shine when they smile, giving them the confidence to be open with others. However, many people are still terrified for going to the dentist- a process which for some people can put them off altogether. Because of this, cosmetic dentists in North London Aqua Dental Clinic have devised the ultimate means by which to help nervous or phobic patients cope with the difficulties of undergoing dental procedures, with a dental spa that aims to maximise relaxation and remoteness for the individual.

The dentist in Pinner’s Aqua Dental spa features warm beverages and fresh juices together with delicious and nutrition snacks to keep people fuelled and contented through their experience, with massage and aromatherapy oil treatments, warm and cold herbal eye masks to relax the body and senses.

The spa then uses noise cancelling earphones with a wide selection of music, and panoramic Eye Trek virtual reality glasses playing DVDS to immerse the individuals’ senses as they are wrapped in blankets to keep them at the height of relaxation, allowing the procedure to be the last thing on their minds.

A spokesperson for Aqua Dental Clinic explained, “We understand that for some people, dental treatments are terrifying and even upsetting. While we can’t make the nature of the treatment itself any less invasive, we can do everything possible to transport the consciousness of the individual away from focussing on what they fear, by ensuring a state of maximum relaxation. This is one of the treatment approaches that has made our head dentist one of the most influential in the country, and is a practice that is leading the field throughout the UK.”

About Aqua Dental Clinic
Aqua Dental Clinic is a specialist cosmetic dental clinic in North London, offering the latest cutting edge treatments and technologies. The clinic is multi-award winning and run by one of the most influential dentists in the United Kingdom as voted by his peers, Dr Anoop Maini. The clinic also features the Aqua Dental Spa for nervous or phobic patients featuring the most extensive relaxation techniques possible. For more information, please visit: